Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday - sew -jo day

The music is loud, the windows are wide open, sunlight streams in through the wooden frame and bounces white light off my overlocker and into my eyes, I may need my sun glasses to get through the rest of these boosters today! Behind the window is Mt Wellington blazed in all its glory covered in white crisp snow... It's the coldest Winter the locals say in many a year,  a 'real' Winter so to speak. It is a divine and inspiring sight.

I am busy working on a private co-op for a few months through this colder season. I am doing custom ideas for the first time, and am pleasantly surprised by my enthusiasm. I was always under the impression that given the ideas handed to me on a silver platter would somewhat "dull" - that I prefer my own imagination - but in this experience, asking for the 'theme' of the nappy to be quite general, I am finding my self having more fun than ever and getting the creative buzz I receive when working on a exciting project. I may be able to get a few inhouse stock out as well through this time 

Also a few other things have happened from I last blogged, I have set up a side business called Unstitched Embroidery, offering nappy cuts with embroidery on minki. My first stocking will be in a few weeks time once I build up some stock, again like Bare Rumps, it will be a small production until motherhood provides a bit more free time. Also I have some very special labels on their way.... If you receive one of my nappies in a few months time, you will see what I am talking about, until then I am tight lipped! You will need to see them in the flesh! I am excited about these little addition...

I just have to share with you all my last weeks delivery. This lagoon minki is unbelievable quality. The weave is very thick and lush, and I look forward to working with it in the future. 

And second of all - a shipment from the heart of New York city!! 
I most definitely had a bit of a pussy cat grin on when I received this parcel and with the postal address Manhattan, N.Y .

It is the rare out of print 'Floragraphix'.

My hours hard work of online networking paid of. I love it!!!!!! 

On that note, I am back in the studio now to finish of the rest of these boosters. The hours alone and in the studio are precious these days, so best wrap it up.
I hope you are all keeping warm and inspired on these cold, crisp Winter days and nights. 

Jerry Red x