Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Help me name BR's future edition to the family!

Maybe you thought by the heading I was pregnant?!?

Well truth be known, I have been baking something - but the non screaming and burping type! >.<

Many of you know I have been working on my own pattern over the last 8 months, and to them who do not... Well, you know now!

It's been a slow going process between motherhood, and being in the studio, and the sheer fact it takes ages to draft your own pattern! Nonetheless I have made steady progress though these many months. Every few weeks I find myself opening a nice bottle of red, having a glass, and hitting the studio: drafting and cutting, wasting a little more minki, oops! And a little more! ( My pile of "duds" is getting quite impressive!)

This making a pattern business is tricky! I have mocked up, frocked up and sewn up half a dozen patterns - all not quite fitting... but... the last one I think I finally cracked it!

 And that was just the large ones! Oh dear! Now I need to start on the mediums, and then the smalls! I could fairly say it might take me a whole year to get a full range of sizes!


It's 1:00am and I cannot sleep - I am a late owl!
 My brain is busy as a little madhatter, bumble bee!
So I figure it's a good time to blog.

I am very close to finishing up on the custom orders for the year, and thinking about the holidays: what am I thinking about doing during my holidays? Spending a good chuck of time getting this pattern fit for 2012!

This is where I would love your input... come into the picture and help be apart of BR!

I need a name for my nappy pattern!

I figure I want to draw inspiration from the Thylacine tiger. This is what inspired the Bare Rumps logo: A stylised image design inspired by the real tiger's paw print.

Simply add your ideas to "name" my pattern. 
Name up to 6 names per person (preferably in one comment) separated by commas.

In order to post your comment you need to select an option from the drop-down box to "sign" your comment.

 Choose an appropriate option and then proceed to complete the word verification to allow the comment to post. If you do not have any of the accounts that come up under the options listed, choose the option "Name/URL" and enter your full name in that.

Comments are moderated, so please allow a bit of time for me to approve them. If you are signing in as anon, please leave your name in the comment after your ideas so if you win I can do a shout out.


To the exciting part!

I will draw on one name I like the most as the winner, and that name will become the name of my pattern, and as a token of my appreciation will be giving out the exclusive password to my website so that when I am activating items under lock and key before stocking time, you will have 20 odd minutes of leisurely time of carting 2 nappies from my first 2012 stocking!

I am back to work on the 2nd of Feb. in the studio, and working towards a good size stocking for March. 

So ladies... Fire away! Throw me with some ideas to name my pattern, inspired by the Tassie Tiger. 

I will announce a winner mid Feb 2012. 

- Jerry Red