Monday, April 18, 2011

The lights in every ones hearts...

Has any one seen an Aurora? It is the Southern Lights that happen over the Antarctic waters. Auroras are caused by massive boosts of energy generated via explosions from the sun. The particles then travel through space and hit our atmosphere, the gravity of our planet naturally draws the energy towards the Northern and Southern poles, and colours are caused by the chemical make-up from the particles reacting with the chemical make-up of our own atmosphere. Either that, or it's just plain magic! ;)   Incredible our planet ..... yes .......

Living in Hobart I am very lucky to have witnessed some spectacular Auroras in my life, being so close to Antartica.

I remember one that was so intense... so beautiful... so breathtakingly stunning! We pulled our bed onto the grass and watched nature's best show unfold above us. The lights flicked vivid fluorescent colours above us for hours until the sun rose the next morning.

Having been working with such yummy bright hand-dyed bamboo at late has really got me thinking of Auroras, and the power of colour and the sacredness and power of this planet.

For a moment it takes us out of the thoughts of things in our lives we worry about, and have a moment to reflect on the power of nature; to realise just how special each and every one of us are.

We are all born from nature and as humans we should strive to protect the foundation of our mothers, and our mother's mothers - yes, Mother Earth is who I am referring to...

Let's all take a moment to breath her air in!

Here is a taster of what I am working on today , a large boys TOAK for the next stocking , the aurora night sky flickers its lights over a full moon Hobart night .


Machine hand guided satin stitch, hand dyed bamboo Velour , quilter cotton threads.
Tasmanian owls having a hoot of a time under natures most devine  and natural show .
I think we all have a bit of a aurora in our hearts , Lets let it shine even brighter .

Jerry Red xx

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Camera craft on Bare Rumps craft.

 Showing you that all my ruffles are double-lined with quilters cotton  ^  great for the longevity of ruffles...

  Ultra plush long haired minki - this stuff is amazing and divine just on its own!  ^

Always matching material  ^  

I am snapping a few nappies today whilst watching "Toy Story 3" in the background... I love "Toy Story"!!! My hand is killing me though. There really is only a certain amount you can do before you have to move onto something else, so this arvo I think I may pull out some material and do some colour matching...

Waiting for my tear-away to get here before I attempt any boy nappies. I have about 15 on the table presently, freshly snapped waiting to be sewn up!

Hope you are all having a great day. It's been 4 days of constant raining here - crazy!

Monday, April 11, 2011


 Drawn from we came up with the number three, And the winner is Amanda Carson!!!! Please contact me A.S.A.P to get started on your very own custom nappy!!!!!! 

Monday morning!


I'ts raining, it's cold, it's Johnny Cash weather!!!! Perfect day for a sewing storm, methinks! ;)

Now the top three photos for the competition are below. It was way to hard to pick a final winner as the top three to me were all equal with one another. So I am going to head over to later tonight and select a number out of three . 


                                                               1 Tess  - "A very hungry Theo-pillar"

                                 2       Stevie Dyer - Bare Rumps "goes bush".

                              3 Amanda Carson - Kasandra, 6 mths: a Bare Rumps baker with all those rolls!

Hope you all have a wonderful day !!!!

Jerry Red xx

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Photo competition photos

Here is a list of all the photos for the photo competition below. Only images that were emailed to me can go in to be published on the website, and used in the competition as with Facebook images the quality is significantly reduced, and the images are impossible to use from the Facebook page.

I will draw a winner on the 11th. There are soooo many good ones and it is going to take a bit of a team to help me pick I think as I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!

By the way - the 2nd stocking a few nights ago was a great success! All the nappies sold out besides two newborn ones in four red hot minutes!!!! Gee you ladies are like lightning!!! Those fingers must have done some serious yoga that morning to be able to have them so limbered up in preparation!!!! :P

I have some exciting things coming up for the next stocking, and will blog sneak peeks throughout the month for a small exchange of chocolate bars... You heard me right folks! I will be inboxing you all with my address, pronto! ;)

Here are all the divine entries in (no structured order) below:

Amanda Carson - Kasandra, 6mths: a Bare Rumps baker with all those rolls!

Manda Tongue -Tiaan - My 'Raving Hippy' ♥

Stevie Dyer - Bare Rumps "goes bush".

Miss Neets-Muller - I would reach as high as I could to get my hands on a Bare Rumps nappy! They are so comfy, even my teddy bear likes to wear them!

 Oskar critiquing his favourites!

 Tess  - "A very hungry Theo-pillar"

 Emma Boyce - Dream a Bare Rumps nappy 

 Gemma Spiers Ruby 6 months - Sleeping on the job, Mum!

Ella Jakeman -Miss Sebella in her "Circus On a Summer Day" Nappy ♥ ♥ ♥

Kaelee MCN - Kyah in her "Hoot Hoot" Bare Rumps nappy.

Leelee Biever (^^^) a.k.a - "Sharkie" - With sleeping mini-froggy

Melinda Biever- a.k.a "smelly hippy" ("nice" smelly that is!) - (^^^) - with gorgeous Reilly

Elsie Lynham - divine sleeping boy 

As you can see there are many amazing entries - the ladies really did get there creative hats on, and I cannot thank you enough!!!!!

Jerry Red xx

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Closing the studio door for 5 days...

Well the three week's of work I have been doing in the studio for your babies is all wrapped up!

It's been a very bright few weeks in the studio with multi-coloured fluff everywhere!!!

Now it's the exciting time of previews of stock in a few days via my webpage getting ready for stock to go live on the 7th. I am excited to see what comes out of the next year and I have heaps of ideas that I have only touched base on - and yes - I am still buying nappies! *Gah!* from other amazing creative WAHMs. Paige's stash is looking quite glorious these days, I do not know if the bug of buying cloth will ever end - I guess it will have to wrap up soon once my angel starts to "TT" *sniff sniff*...

I am in constant evolution mode with my own path and my creations and feel very lucky that I can share a part of my creative-self with my wonderful fans.

Here is a naughty sneak preview of one nappy for sale on the 7th of April...
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, fellow cloth enthusiasts!

Jerry Red xx