Wednesday, October 16, 2013


The phenix had risen. Chicky chicky BoW wOw.
 Things are wonderful! 
Birthdays, gardening, art exhibitions, sewing, hot chocolate in the spring time, aquascaping, cat's as hot water bottles. Looking forward for this summer to test out Paige's new swimming skillz!  

I am a instagram addict. Find me at  barerumps_jerry_paige
Always updating with happening's of team Red through instagram, living the studio cloth nappy making addict lifestyle, while my blog sit's in sooky mode for a while (Just struggling to find the time to blog)

                                     Are you curious about my logo?

 Bare Rumps symbol is inspired by the Tasmanian Tiger. Carnivorous marsupials which roamed the wilds of Tasmania. They suckled their young like wolves, but carried them in pouches similar to kangaroos. They are now thought to be extinct.....

                    They are also the inspiration for the name of BR's nappy pattern I designed in 2012- 
                                                                  'Thyla pouch' 

Booster size for the large has shrunk slightly, starting date of that was the 14TH OCT 2013 I have been getting allot of feedback that the boosters are to big and like night nappies, so I have decreased the sizing slightly to accommodate a more comfortable fit for the larges. Xlarge will come with the bigger booster, this size is designed to become night nappies for toddles by double boosting.

                                 This next photo say's everything about BR! 

                                                                                  Got that? Good. 

-JR x