Saturday, June 23, 2012

Winter Update

Good morning! 

Been a good 4 weeks from my last blog, 

I  have been quiet on the website as I mentioned in my last blog, as I am gearing down for the winter and spring months for listings.  Hobart side in the studio I have been flat out though, working hard on all these pre order listings from 4 weeks ago which are going to plan. 

A pile of fluff the size of a mini mount Everest looms in my studio!

 A bunch of them will be going out early next week, and the rest on and around the 15th of July, this could be delayed by two weeks taking orders posted to late July, as I have had Wisdom teeth dramas, and in the middle of looking at what the options are to rid this chronic pain which most likely means getting all 4 out in an operation under general, needing at least a week recovery time. I will keep you in the loop any hows via a newsletter email or a group email of the ladies that have ordered if delays are to be most likely expected. 

On a more fun note, I did a phone interview the other day with a free lance journalist for a up and coming plug in the spotlight crafters magazine, about Bare Rumps's journey, also an interesting almost dark photo shoot with me and my expression and connection to nappy making, with a local photographer

The article should come out some time before the end of the yr, keep a eye out for it! 

Also got an exciting package in the mail last week, 
Can any one guess what this minki is? 

Thats right! Rare Misty sea, and Fairyfloss minki! I can just see the nappy addicts Ogling the computer screen! Going to make some beautiful extremes and auction items out of that precious and rare minki. 

This is a few of the nappies I have been working on last week- Lots of "Wishful thinking" and "Candy jar" limited editions made with beautiful "tink" or "rainbow" minki, what ever you prefer to call it. I generally call it rainbow, this minki will be quite hard to find also soon, as it was a special re run of the fabric in a co-op. 

I also bought myself a MB4 Janome embroidery machine, she is a real treat of a machine and is helping me with deadlines in the studio. I have two machines now, and when they are both going at once I feel very productive, even though I need earplugs these days if I would like to remain semi sane. 

I did have a realisation that the sound of the embroidery machines are going to be etched into my daughters childhood memories,  the sounds will evoke some colourful memories of shiny thread and magical landscapes.

Hope every one is keeping happy and warm in the winter months. I know me and Paige have been keeping the house warm with nice winter food, and snuggling close at night with Memphis and Cairo our two hairless cats! 

The winter sun is shining full beam through the floor to ceiling windows onto my back and making me relaxed and sleepy, I could easily doze off..... If it was not for whimpering voice of a two yr old girl asking for chocolate, and demanding such bratty wishful thinking. 
Ah to be nearly three again without a care in the world, where chocolate for breakfast lunch and tea would make fairies and cabbage patch kids sprout from little dark holes in the ground. 

  Guess it's coffee time for mum!! 

- JR x