Friday, August 26, 2011

Bamboo Velour!

I love bamboo velour! Even moreso, when its covered in bright colourful splashes! Makes the day just that bit lighter, especially when you are hanging out the washing on the line!

                                       Future Bare Rumps Nappies ^ > 

Bamboo Velour has fantastic anti-bacterial properties, plus it also has a wet feeling rather than a stay dry like micro-fleece and suede-cloth, which is great for the hotter months and toilet training the older toddlers . Don't like the bamboo velour wet feeling for younger bubs? Easy just pop down a fleece liner. All my future Bare Rumps Bamboo velour inner nappies will come with a free one.

I managed to get some stock photographed today, ready for me to scrap book up tonight, scrap-booking my images would have to be once of the best parts of my job, I spend hours positioning, picking backgrounds, I really do love it, just like I love creating  pretty and handsome nappies for a more sustainable future and more vibrant household.

See you all around lunch time Saturday Tasmanian time, I am hoping for 12:00 but can be a tad later, been having a pretty rough time getting my daughter to go for her lunch time nap at late. I have 6 nappies up for nabbing: 4 Medium boys, 2 Large girls, and one of the the girls is up for personal auction.

Jerry Red x

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Little Red's B'day

In a few hours from now I would be feeling the first stormy waves of labour, that was to take me on a wild 24 hour journey with the birth of my daughter, two years to this day.

This photo is Paige half a hour ago flitting around in our bedroom opening a few early gifts. It's a busy and special time with us over the next few days!

We have made it this far... the sails are set high, lets go .... yippeeee! You .... off we sail, to a destination of...a open book, choose your own adventure.

You bring out the child in me, while I wrap my heart around you my wild small reflection of self.
Through sun sets and stormy waters I am always here for you my daughter, my friend... for life.


(I wrangled her in pink!) YES!! If you met Paige you would understand, she usually turns her nose up at the pink outfits I get her!

- Jerry Red x

Thursday, August 11, 2011

"Your Worst Nappy Catastrophe"

We have hit 1500 fans!

To celebrate, I am hosting a story-based competition.

I figure I must not be the only mummy who has some dreaded "Nappy Catastrophe" stories. So in order to go in the running to win a FREE OOAK CUSTOM BARE RUMPS NAPPY (up to the value of $70.00 postage, covered by your self ) I'd like you to share your "Memoirs of Nappy Faux-Pas" - your "diaper dramas", "comedies of the Ca-Ca", your "parables of POO!" In other words - your "Worst Nappy Disaster" story.

Here is how it will work:

1) Simply write below your story of your child's worst "poo crime" that has unfolded in your household. We as cloth-mummies are bound to have a story or two that comes to mind! Make it as light-hearted and humorous as possible (omit any expletives - "wee" and "poo" are fine!) Please only leave one story comment per person.

2) Ensure you are an active liker of our Facebook page and include your REAL name as it is displayed on Facebook (no aliases please - your account must be a real account, not one just used for nappy purposes) at the end of your story so I can contact you if you are in the running.

3) I will then "" the names of TEN "contestants" who will be given the opportunity to participate in a fun little hunt via my website to determine who out of those ten will win the nappy. I will provide further details on the hunt at a later date, so for now just get your funny stories in .

Note that the comment posts are moderated, so please not not fret if nothing comes up straight away as I will moderate them which will allow them to be posted.

If your post does not come up  within 48 hours, then follow this link to my face book page under the note section , simply write your entry there - however please only do so after 48 hours to allow time for posts on the blog to be moderated. In order to post your comment you need to select an option from the drop-down box to "sign" your comment. Choose an appropriate option and then proceed to complete the word verification to allow the comment to post. If you do not have any of the accounts that come up under the options listed, choose the option "Name/URL" and enter your full name in that.

Only "stories" count towards the tally, and if you comment here please do not duplicate comments on the note section of the Facebook page. All entries will be double-checked to ensure everyone only has their comment counted once. I will them count from first post to last post , going from my blog to the Facebook notes section down .

Entries close at 5:00pm AEST on the 1st of September, 2011

Soooo... Here is my story!

"My sweet, adorable part-angel/part red wing-bearing friend of a daughter called Paige Red, has had some whopper nappy-catastrophes!
First of all when she was a baby I think she fancied her self being a future fire woman in training , and her bottom being a fire hose, some how I was not on fire though .... more so covered in POO after her bottom 'extinguishing' me parallel through the air reaching half a metre onto my freshly washed white dressing gown!

Now that she's a bit older, well.... My daughter fancies her self as Salvador Dali... 

                                                                      Notice a resemblance ? 

She quite often slinks off and does her business discretely, then proceeds to smear freshly scented "bottom-paint" all over every place she can get to: walls, windows, anything with a flat surface to act as a canvas for my budding artist child. At late her medium of preference is the FLAT SCREEN TV.....! Of course normally I am already cleaning like a mad woman (slave to the mop & broom comes with the job of being a mother to a two year old) while the crime is unfolding unbeknownst to me... However come to think of it, this could be some karmic revenge - some of my earliest memories were of doing the same RAOU ("Random acts of UN-kindness") to my very own mother. Eeeek! Pay-back!!"

Looking forward to reading your stories, and being apart of the unfolding fun over the next 4 weeks! 

- Jerry Red x 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Paige's special day...

My very beautiful baby girl  'Paige Red' is turning two in the up and coming weeks. She is quite a well rounded mischievous child, that I adore.

It got me thinking the other day while in the studio that I have never sat down and made Paige a special nappy all for herself, she always seems to end up with my 'second' nappies, which while they are discarded as not perfect, they are still special and she seems to love them all the same, but as a nappy maker mother I need to step up AND make her a perfect one!

So in the next few days I am making Paige her very own Bare Rumps keeps sake nappy.

Paige is not a overly "girly" girl.

In fact so much so that I bought her a beautiful princess dress - a powder pink, over the top number! She looked at it, and said to me 'NO, mummy'. I keep insisting with the dress every few days, but she is very adamant it is not the out fit for her, and fair enough (its insanely hideous).

So I think a 'Stitch' theme nappy for my daughter is PERFECT!!

How cute is he!?!

I cannot wait to see Paige rocking around on her B-Day with her new mate Stitch!

On the BR, HQ

Been busy with a few custom orders for Unstitched Embroidery this week, the studio has slowed down to a snail trail pace over this period while I get everything ready for the big birthday! By the end of the month there will be a few in house stock appearing via my website.

- Jerry Red x

Monday, August 1, 2011

1000 fan prize.

I went on a journey making this nappy and had a blast in the process. It makes the experience of sewing nappies so much special when the meaning behind the cloth plays at hand, this nappy is a keeper for when Kyah is a older, to show just how divinely and kindly her bottom was kept .

All my scrapbook images are made in mind to be viewing on full screen. I have that option over at gallery at Bare Rumps Website, so head on over and get a bit of morning nappy eye candy on the full screen.

I am LOVING making customs! There will be some custom spots coming up in the next few months that is 100% certain!

I am busy in the studio today and the coffee has just kicked in!!!

Must sew!

Jerry Red.