Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Art Gallery Auction item.

This Bare Rumps auction item below will be going up for a 24 hour auction starting at 6:00pm this Wednesday night.

One photo will be uploaded to my Facebook fan page and bidding will start there.

Of all the money raised a '100% donation' will go to the Huon Valley Environment Weld Valley Fund bucket to help save this incredible high environmental conservation area that is currently under threat with old growth logging.

Now I had some fun making this nappy - there is 12 hours of work! I dedicated yesterday to this project, an incredible amount of hand guided satin-stitch has been done on this nappy. Such sittings are a rare occasion in the Bare Rumps HQ, so the winner has something very special.

Oh and yes this must be a OOAK ;)

I drew inspiration from the wild river that runs through this valley.

Find more about the exhibit here - Black Sassy Collective
More details about this incredible forest -Weld Valley
View some of last year's work - A taste of last year's work

 I hope it is well received in the cloth community.
Happy bidding! 
Jerry Red x

Friday, May 27, 2011

My first ever Embroidery on a nappy!!!

As the heading says, you can see I am pretty excited about this :)

Any way no time for blogging! The studio beckons!

Jerry Red x

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Important news

There will be some simple changes here at Bare Rumps. I will not longer be doing planned stockings for the time being, rather I will be doing random in-stock which I will notify you via my Facebook page when these items come up for sale.

I have to do what works best for me and Paige, and at this stage I see that this is a great option for the next year while Paige goes through her "terrible twos".

This means that future photo competitions are put on hold until I resume stockings also.

The photo competition is still open from the last stocking and the date to get your images in by is the 10th of June.

I will keep you updated in the future for when stockings resume. Until then do not fret, there will still be plenty of stock coming out, just at random times.

Thank you for your understanding!

Jerry Red x

Monday, May 23, 2011

1000 FANS!!!

Wow.... The "Magic Night" is upon me... here it is folks... we reached 1000 fans! :)

8 months ago Bare Rumps was just a dream, a thought, an idea... Now I have 4 sewing machines to make one nappy, minki covering my studio tables, a messy house and a bad habit of getting to bed no earlier than Midnight! I would be nowhere without your support, and Bare Rumps is just gearing up ladies......!

So as my gift to you here is my 1000 fan give away:

 Find this symbol on my website some time tomorrow:

 1- Simply add it to cart.
 2 - Fill out your postal details.
 3 - Choose "local pick up" as the postage option.
 4 - Email me with ideas, and I will work with you to create your dream nappy!!!

The catch?

 1 - The time it will be posted live on my website is random.
 2 - It will be hidden somewhere on the website. You have to find it!

This way it brings a bit of "pot luck" back into the picture!

1 custom spot for a Bare Rumps nappy worth $68.80 (with free post)

Please give me 30 days to create your nappy.

Oh and did I say its all free??? Yes - free!!!

I look forward to seeing YOUR name in my order list!!!

Have fun hunting!

Jerry Red x

An extravagant tea-party

This nappy I made this morning for a extravagant little miss... One of my nappies that I sold at the previous stocking we later found a flaw in the ribbon on the nappy, so it was up for a complete remake, and this is the remake. I hope this makes up for the last one! :)

I did very much enjoy making this one. :) Having a spot of lunch and getting onto a few overdue nappies for Stevie.

Jerry Red x

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bare Rumps HQ Saturday night blog-spot...

 Cloth enthusiasts!

So it's Saturday night and a quiet night under the BR Headquarters. All I can hear is the hum of the embroidery machine in the background. I wanted to be in the studio tonight pulling a few things together but my lightbulb blew in there late this arvo, so no point creating in the dark - instead I am downstairs hooping up a few embroidery designs.

The embroidery machine is going well so far! It took a few days to get all the correct layering/tension right, and now I am off and racing!

It's a wonderful feeling that I can hoop up a design /press a button and get on with my daily life! As many of you know I am a full-time sole parent, so most of my time is directed 100% on my daughter during the day, so to have the embroidery machine going on in the background - all I do is change threads... It's refreshing to say the least - it's not so much of a mad dash to the studio come my daughters sleep time. It means I get to work and be a mummy at the same time.

Now to the exciting news:  "Cloth Nappies are Fun" blog are having a gift give-away to all their followers once they hit 100, and guess what that prize is? A Bare Rumps nappy!

So head over to Cloth Nappies are Fun and follow their blog, and have a look around - details on how to win this nappy will be blogged by Cloth Nappy Love next week sometime, so cloth lovers keep your eyes peeled!

Other exciting news:

On the 1st of next month, Bare Rumps nappies will be attending a local art exhibit! Who would have ever thought a nappy would be making it to a gallery exhibit? Well there is a first for everything and I say they are little works of art!

This exhibition is to raise awareness for a very special section of old growth forest in the southlands of Tasmania that is currently under threat to old growth logging
Forestry Tasmania clear-fell the land leaving nothing behind besides a bunch of burning tree stumps and smoke. Any one that has witnessed a clear-fell before and after will never be the same - some of the most shocking images I have ever witnessed in my life.

Some of the trees in this valley here reach up at a incredible width and height, being 500+ years old, not to mention the habitat and surrounding eco-system that live in the area.

Tasmania: the "green state"... Questionable..!

Even though these days with motherhood I am so busy I do not have the time on the activist scene, this is how I can contribute. This is a cause I am passionate about and 100% of the money raised will go towards the campaign to help save these precious natural Tasmanian treasures.

More info. on the Weld Valley can be read here:  Weld Valley - Tasmania's natural treasure.

What am I creating for this exhibit, you might be wondering ?
I am thinking a TOAK unisex newborn set.

With the nature of the exhibit, a newborn baby conjures up the feeling for this land: fresh, sacred and just down-right precious!

Here are some prints I am thinking of working with:

Mind you they have not arrived from America yet!

The postie is taking his sweet time, and knowing me with exhibits it will be a mad-house all-nighter a few nights before the opening, so I will let him off the hook this time!

I will post photos on the night of the exhibit and you at home will have option to buy this set and pop a virtual Champagne with me at opening night :)

Well that's me in a nutshell tonight!
Jerry Red x

Monday, May 16, 2011

And the winner is.......

                                      Ella Jakeman with - Tiger-Lily the Easter Bunny!

Well done Ella on the fantastic photo shoot - great quality and composition! Shoot me a email and we will get started on your custom.

Jerry Red x 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Entries for the "Bare Rumps Babies: Photo Competition 2".

Below are listed the entries in the photo competition. There was yet again some very creative work at play and such a gorgeous bunch of babies. Listed in no particular order below:

                                Shay - "With a Bare Rumps on, I always feel creative" - (River)

                                      Ahoy there me ♥hearties....♥ it's River in his pirate BareRumps!

                                                    Manda Tongue- OOAK Around the World on a Rainbow ♥

                                  Ella Jakeman - little tiger in her 'ballet please mummy' bare rumps ♥

                                                                easter fluffy goodness

                                        Nyssa Matthews  -  'Give a big smile for Jerry!'

                                                    Naomi Fair - With Liam at the park . 

Alex McGowan -  Bare Rumps always stands out in a crowd . 

As you can see they are all divine! I will need to call on a team to pick a winner and I will let you know in a few days time. Thank you to all the entries - what a fantastic effort yet again. Bare Rumps photo competition 3 is now officially open for nappies from the last stocking, find the details here: http://barerumps.blogspot.com/p/photo-competition-info.html for the fantastic prize and info.

On the home front, Winter has set in overnight: it is fresh and moody out side, and I can guarantee a fresh bucket-load of snow fell on the mountain last night!

  By the looks of the cloud patterns out side, the weather will show us what Tasmania is famous for -  glorious sunshine in Winter with crisp air.

I will see the odd car getting around town today with snowmen with carrots for noses,  built on the front bonnet of their car. They drive around thinking they are really trendy - must be a Tassie thing, it's quite amusing, and great fun for the kids! :)

 Inside is full of warmth, colour and music. Paige and I have our Saturday morning cuddles and giggles, then a spot of dancing session to Rage. Gotta love the lazy Saturday mornings.

 I was up very late last night playing with my new embroidery machine, wasting allot of minki and then wasting a little bit more! But I have to learn somehow, and I enjoy the beginning process.

Hope you are all having a relaxing yummy Saturday morning connecting with your families.

Jerry Red xx


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Entries for photo competition end tonight at Midnight!

Well! What a smashing 3rd stocking! It ran smooth, fast and furious. 8 minutes later and I was completely out of stock! Gee, there are some quick fingers out there! I think the mini-hunt would have been a fun idea to participate in as well, and I hope you enjoyed the clues.

 Now to mention the kind heartedness of the winner  for the auction items. It was very heart warming to know the winner has quite a few of Bare Rumps nappies, so she is well aware of their performance and quality and sees the time that goes in making these auction items. You know the saying "give the woman what she wants"?Well I think the winner had this in mind!

The last of the nappies are being packed up today while Paige sleeps, then I am giving the studio a good once over and spring-clean tonight from it's month of late night cutting and sewing storming.

As you all know from my post, I am heading West to catch up with some family and the 4th stocking will be postponed. It has been on the cards for many months and has finally come to fruition, which is exciting!

There are some wonderful things coming up for Bare Rumps. I have been working on a few side projects that I look forwards to collaborating with. In the meantime, I am having a break to focus on the most important thing in the world...  Family...!

Its the 11th today and the entries for the photo competition end tonight at Midnight, so please get them in before this time to be in for the running for a free custom nappy and free post valued at  $63.80. Stay tuned in a few days for a blog for all the entries.

Here is a little package that arrived yesterday!

I have been working on my new blog lay-out, too!
A touch of prettiness!

Jerry Red x 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

*PLEASE READ* If you are going for a BR Nappy on Sunday night...

Welcome to Bare Rumps 3rd Stocking - and most importantly - Happy Mother's Day!

A few key points to cover so you are all "in the know" for my stocking to run smoothly for you.

One hour before items are ready to cart you will not be able to access the shop section. It will be password protected whilst I am making the items go live.

As soon as I say "go shopping" via my Facebook page, the shop will then be open to cart the items you want. It can be a 5 min either side of 8:00pm (Tas time) as whilst I do aim for 8 on the dot, there is a little lee-way for my sake, hence please be around on my Facebook page at this time as I cannot promise 8:00pm on the dot.

Refresh on my FB page NOT my website.

When you add a item to your cart, the cart will appear on the very top of the page on the LEFT hand side so if you are carting something down the bottom, be sure to RACE up to the top to proceed to check out, even from the very bottom you can still get to the top in a micro-second. Perhaps have a practice run.

**** Times for Sunday night's stocking ****

TAS - 8:00 pm
A.C.T -8:00 pm
N.S.W- 8:00 pm
VIC - 8:00 pm
QLD -8:00 pm
S.A - 7:30 pm
N.T - 7:30 pm
W.A - 6:00 pm

It is first to check out NOT first to cart, which means first to complete the check-out process (entering all your postage details, etc.)

If you have an item in your cart and you go to check-out and it says ERROR and redirects you to my site, it means someone had quicker fingers and got the nappy out of the check-out process faster. I can guarantee no money would have been taken out of your paypal account as my cart does not oversell...

*I have a policy of 2 nappies per person (a TOAK set is regarded as one nappy) and for those who breach the policy, the order will be cancelled, returned to stock and any money paid refunded.*

This does not include Auction items as I regard these as a separate sale .

ONE Hyena per person only please, so your self AND your Hyena can go for the same nappy to double your chances, but please respect my wishes of no more than one - let's give everyone a fair chance at the more sought-after nappies.

Payment option: Paypal, direct deposit, or option for local pick up if you live in Hobart - I am more than happy to meet up and have a cuppa in North Hobart and handdeliver you nappy - I love meeting my customers!

Now this month I have decided to do something a little different and hide 3 items in my website!

We can have a bit of fun as well as bring a bit of  "luck and wit" into nabbing some of the more popular nappies  - it's not just about having a fast internet speed! I will be giving clues to their location, a few hours before I announce go shopping.

Please take your self on a "tour" of my website in the next 24 hours, as there are many off-shoots of links to information, and on the way you might even learn something new about Bare Rumps nappies.

I hope I covered everything. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via Facebook, or my email through the contact box via my website or my FB page.

Happy Mother's Day ladies! I hope you all have a beautiful time connecting with your loved ones in the morning and I will see some of you in the night for the stocking!

Jerry Red xx

Monday, May 2, 2011

Bushka (grandmother in German)

Wow! It's been a while from my last blog. I blog usually every four days or so. To be honest, it's been a massive month under the Bare Rumps roof.

My beloved 7 year old pure-breed British Blue cat, "Bushka", went missing around two weeks ago, and has not returned.

We moved from a large house around 6 months ago, where she had always been a indoor cat, and moving into the heart of the city in quite a small inner city dwelling it just did not feel right having her inside 24/7, so gave her freedom.

She loved being outside! She found other mates around the 'hood to play with, and I bought her a lovely collar with stuff written on it like:

 "B.F to Jerry Red" (Best friend)
"I am not hungry I am friendly"
 and the most important one
"I live 5m that way > "

I busted a man trying to put her into there car a few days before she went missing ... Boy did I let it rip ...
I just hope she is happy were she is .....

This explains why my blog has been neglected at late - I have been pretty sad!

But it has not stopped me in the studio, My favourite album this month has been the soundtrack to "Donny Darko" late at night, and a flood of memories with "Tracey Chapman" while Paige has her day sleep and I get to sneak into the studio.

It was a perfect day today for photography, so I got very busy and crafty with the camera and will slowly start to upload all my images tonight in ready for the Mother's Day stocking - which I think is very cute that my stocking falls on such a special day. I lost my mother when I was 12 yrs old, so to be doing something so productive on my behalf on Mothers Day suits the day to a "T", also it's Mother's Day! So no better time to be receiving something nice for your self - oops! I mean your daughter or son!

My favorite work to date is up for nabbing, It is the large boys "Southern lights (Aurora)". It came out so divine. It's a nice feeling when you have a vision and it comes to fruition.

Here is the last photo Bushka. She snuck into our room and cuddled up with the toys - totally busted! She knows she is not allowed in our room and hardly ever tries, so I had to snap a photo of her naughtiness. Many nights Bushka would sit at the door of my studio wanting to get in on the action, but being the good cat she was would never come in...

Bless you, Bushka!!!

I hope you are getting hand fed Tassie Salmon ( I bet you are) because you're that kinda girl!!!

If you got this far, thank you for listening.

Jerry Red xox