Monday, December 31, 2012

Last day of 2012

As we come to the eve of the new yr, I am just popping up to wish you all a wonderful future 2013!

Reflecting on 2012 today.. wOaH! It's been such a big yr.

Change of housing location, two operations, two recoveries, keeping with the emotional demands of a 3yr old toddler, making time at night to create wonderful extremes with allot of story/ late night monkey magic, as well as simple but lovely limited editions, meeting wonderful customers.

I have given allot over the last two yrs...So much! I think because this yr, has been pumping back into the business, I am def feeling a bit worn out.
 2013 for me is about me and Paige.

To achieve that balance I need to slow down BR.

I am learning to say no....Gone are the days of strapping on a baby and sewing, I am quite tired at night and do not have it in me to sew until 3 every morning any more. So that will reflect on the amount of stuff listed on the website. Extremes will pop up, but focusing on face to face local consultations just to break it up the time online and get a bit more social.

 Also random listings will pop up on instagram my wall. Why? Because it is easy, I pop the nappy down, take one photo to list.  Plus I like instagram more. It's such a more gentle way of sharing via a social media.

As a full time sole parent, it's my priority to make the best of my time as possible to raising a thoughtful, gentle caring person, and wow what an important age 3-4 to install teaching/values/patience, which will fingers crossed reflect into our relationship becoming an even more close bond of mother and daughter.

BR is my heart and passion, and Paige deserves me to put it aside for a yr. As much as I do not want to, (some of you know I am a sucker for punishment) I have to. Any good parent would.

I just want to take this time to say thank-you to all my dedicated fans that have been following the BR journey the last few yrs. 2014 will bring some exciting stuff, and I am looking forward to resting and getting back to the arts for the rest of 2013 and of course, making nappies when I feel like. This yr, you will be seeing some changes to my style, even though (I believe) I am quite flexible with design work, I want to sink my teeth into more crazy designs, meaning full designs. Zombies eating apocalyptic super burger storms vision goggles will be strapped on.

I will leave you with a few creations I have made in the last few weeks, you will see a few more uploads over the next coming weeks while I finish of my current orders.

Again thank-you, and wishing you all a wonderful 2013 full of fluffy cloth nappies, baby cuddles, and lots of support.

-JR xx And little Red xx