Monday, March 12, 2012

Good Monday lovely cloth enthusiasts!

Monday day is the only full day in the studio, and a no go today! Sings loudly pppuuubbliccc HOOOLIDAY!! (Sorry you had to hear me sing, it was never my strong point)

So we are having some flitting around cleaning and getting things packed for the big move, we played a game this morning, where the boxes turned into big jungle trees, and the pile of things to fold and pack, turned into a bunch of wild hyenas trying to get us! We are elephants for the day!

                                       The faces behind Bare Rumps- The modern cloth.

- Jerry Red and Paige Red x

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Nappies and feline friends.

Keep your eyes on the news letter!
Seriously how on earth did I  just make that many nappies in four weeks all by my self!

Must be utter madness dedication!
Actually I had a pretty strong drive, two putty cats to pay for.
 So I am working hard for them.

My boys to be.....

 I am missing the company of cats dearly, you may have come across my post 11 months ago of my darling British blue "Bushka" being taken from the front of my home :(
 Never again will I let my feline friends out side of a cat inclosure!
 (I am going to build one)!

It is only now I feel ready to have some more feline friends in my abode. If you are a cat person, you are one for life!

The funny thing is that Bushka was born on my birthday, and these boys are born a day before my birthday! The world has beautiful Synchronicity when you find your self on the right path.

I have this photo to show you right now in my lounge, just putting the boosters in the nappies today, 75L and 55L tubs.
 Thats allot of fluffy mail!

All larges "Thyla pouch"

Should have some previews on the weekend, keep an eye on the emails via my newsletter. 

Also! How cute is this little bubba! A wonderful customer Sabrina emailed me this beautiful photo

Thanks Sab! 

-Jerry Red x