BR Facts/Custom Material


All materials used in making Bare Rumps nappies are the best quality I can source. I personally believe in quality items, this reflects in my pricing as there are cheaper options to make cloth nappies but it does reflect on the end product / comproimising on the quality, hence you will be buying a quality item when you buy "Bare Rumps - The Modern Cloth" products.

I support Australian business where I can with design work hiring ( eg. help with labels and business cards),
the cotton I do get from the US but majority of the material is a New Zealand company that has an outlet here in Australia.

The elastic is 100% A grade swimmers elastic.
All snaps are KAM quality.
 All nappies have a inner PUL making them waterproof without requiring a cover. The PUL that I use is 1mm rather than 2mm, that way it is more breathable for baby and less likely to delaminate.
All cotton threads are polyester that results in less wicking.

I use wooly nylon were it is needed which gives a clean finish.
Nappies are minki with cotton panels, minki, bamboo velour. Sorry - no plain cotton prints will be made  (which tend to wick through very fast). 

All Bare rumps nappies have been through some heavy testing with 9 nappies to strangers for 5 solid months before my first sale.

Nappies are made by me (Jerry Red) in my studio, at my home...
I can be contacted any time through the contact me tab via FB.

You wil find a extensive range on information on my website regarding the make up of Bare Rumps nappies. 


Custom material selection for customs below: if you have snagged a custom slot via my website,please click on the image you would like to have, then send me a link via email as well as you embroidery selection from Unstitched Embroidery.

Rare Fabrics below 

Around 40 more prints to upload, in the coming weeks, just slowly working through them. Thanks!