Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Photo competition time!

It's photo time again! I love seeing what BR nappies are up to with their owners and what better way to do that than hold a photo competition!

It has been a little bit of time from when I last held one of these, check out the link and have a read up of the info before you enter.

This month is a bit different as I am giving away 2 custom nappies, one for best imagination/quality photo, and one through random.org draw.

You do NOT have to have a Bare Rumps nappy to join in! 

You can photoshop my images with my permission and make a nappy! Or something fun along them lines I love creativity and funny ideas, I seen a cool one the other day of a pair of bloomers photoshopped onto an ultrasound photo. So you really do have just as much chance of winning as a baby in a real life BR nappy, so no sad faces, I am not excluding any one.

Start sending them through to my email, and also load them to my facebook fan page, it is now open from today the 3rd of April, to the 3rd of May. I will then do a blog of all the entries around the 4th of May, then draw two winners in the next week after that.

Here is three winners from the past that I have picked from personal preference to give you a idea.

I really loved this entry as well, this is one of my all time favourites and use it as my facebook profile picture every-now and then LOL.

Really looking forward to seeing your creativity over the next four weeks, again, if you have a new, second hand, or none at all, you can all enter, get on your thinking hats and most of all have fun with the little ones!

Two chances of winning a BR custom nappy to the value of $60 plus post!

On the home front, me and Paige are all moved into our new home now, we have our new boys (Cornish Rex), still a few boxes scattered around the house, but in all we have made it our home already, it's a lush little pad and super happy here! Well inspired to create.

On that note, time to hoop up!

- JR- Jerry Red x

Monday, April 2, 2012

Introducing!....Feature artists!

Introducing an original and Innovative idea, Bare Rumps presents limited runs of feature artist prints on her modern cloth nappies.

Feature artists are Jerry Red's pet project for Bare Rumps nappies, working with artists for cute and creative fluffy bums, for the little people in your life. Little children are our treasure, that deserve designer and creative wear just as much and us big mums and dads! 

 So! Here it is!

This series is called-  Memories from my tomorrow's.

 I have been working on this project for quite some time, and is very excited to share my new project with you all, New artists are featured every 3 months, on a small and limited runs, generally they are sold with a set of cards from the artist.

To kick things off, this lovely work is from an Australian artist called Sarah Jones, she works with a label called ....

Tuesday Trenton. 

Sarah has been drawing small stories about her life for over ten years… Her books and cards have been posted all over the world, it would seem that others share these stories… Tuesday Trenton limited edition artists’ books, cards and zines are hand sewn from found, collected and recycled materials.

I have taken parts of Sarah's work and digitalised her work into an embroidery, every design has different embroidered colours for each nappy, no two will ever be the same - in saying that, they are apart of a collective of limited editions, so they are not classed as OOAK. They come is a size large, with the pattern being the "Thyla Pouch" home to Bare Rumps, this pattern is trim, but packed with booster punch. 

 In addition Sarah's designs are printed onto durable quilters cotton which I have used as panels on my Bare Rumps Nappies.

What to expect for numbers?

 "Memories from my tomorrow's" 
A run of 55 nappies with an edition with 55 cards sold together, a future run of 150 nappies will be created over the next few yrs, once the 205 nappies have been created, that's it, no more will be 

Next batch I make in the studio, I will be making unisex colours, for both sex's

My next planned feature artist is Aviva Reed  her work is nature based, she is a Visual ecologist.

Are you an artist? 
Do You think you have what it takes to have your work showcased on Bare Rumps nappies? Shoot me a email with links and an intro about yourself for me to check out. Paint,printmakers,photographers,what ever the medium,I am interested at looking at your work 


There you have it cloth enthusiasts, nappy 
bandits!I hope you love the idea, an exciting project of collaboration with working artists. Through the yr you will see some of my work appearing on the nappies as well. 

They are for sale here at 8.00pm tas time tonight 4 of them. Also check out the detailed view finder via my shop link.  

-JR, Jerry Red x