Buying BR?

 First things first! Sign up to the news letter! It is located on the main page of my website. 

There will be some simple changes here at Bare Rumps. I no longer intend to do planned stockings for the time being, instead I will be doing random flash sales which I will notify you via the newsletter by email of a time I plan to upload stock to the website.

Please sign up to my newsletter on the website to be informed of a approximate time items go live! 

I then link to my Facebook Fan Page when these items live and ready to cart. It's a case of "first in, best dressed", and "first to check out, not first to cart"!

It has been a hard decision to make, however I have to do what works best for me and Paige, and at this stage I see this as a great option for the next year whilst Paige goes through her "terrible twos".

This also means that future photo competitions are put on hold indefinitely until I resume regular stockings also.

I will keep you updated in the future for when regular stockings resume. 

Until then please do not fret, there will still be plenty opportunities to purchase Bare Rumps nappies, just sporadically instead of periodically.

Thank you for your kind understanding and support.
Infomation listed below for when I resume stockings. 

Bare Rumps nappies ARE now available to buy via stockings once a month via my webpage  find stocking dates here

My online shop will be restocked once a month. 
There will be a "viewing period"  for 2 DAYS  before the stockings, where you can view the nappies only ( have no option to cart) until the night of the stocking where I make all items live at the same time. Always follow me on FB for updates. 

I do not offer customs via email, please refrain from contacting me with these requests as I cannot offer this service. I do however list them in the customs section on my website! 

One month there may only be 15 nappies, the next 30+, all depends on where I am at with my personal space and my creativity.

I will also be offering OOAKs (one of a kind) nappies!!! I will be creating up to 8hrs to 12hrs worth of work in each one, these will be true OOAKS!!!!!

My pet projects are TOAKs (two of a kind) inspired by my love for twins. They will be my signature dish here at Bare Rumps. 

I will be offering two personal auctions once a month also, these items will be 10 to 12 hours plus of work in each nappy. I love creating these nappies but find it hard to put a price on them from the sheer amount of work in them, so I invite you to bid your value. 

I will be busy building stock every month and look forward to being even more passionate about cloth.

Feel free to email me through my face-book contact tab or follow this link for any questions.

Stay tuned for updates, cloth bandits!

(with red hair) - Jerry Red xx