Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A nappy for a dear friend

How could I say "no" to this?

So I just had to get cracking in the studio today with Maya in mind. This is a gift for my dear friends - Emma and Maya. May your days be even more full of brightness now Maya's Bare Rumps nappy is home!

 How cute are these photos that Emma posted to my FB fan page???!!!

There will be a few Bamboo velour tie-dye nappies available for the next stocking on the up and coming 7th of April. The amount of nappies will be smaller than my first stocking due to a lot more "one of a kind nappies" being in stock, as this is where I am more inspired at the moment...

Hope to see you all over there on the 7th!!! 'Til then, take care hippies! :) 
Jerry Red xx

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The luck of the rainbow

The last few days the weather has been more than moody down here in Hobart town... The gentle breeze  whips delightfully, then the next moment a gust of violation by the strength of harsh winds against my studio window comes through. I can hear the sound of pitter-patter kitty-cat feet at my door wanting to come in to the room that is full of sound, and bright colours... I go out and give her a gentle cuddle and wipe the Autumn winds and rain of her blue coat, take her down stairs and give her warm milk.

This month I have been taken "Round the World on a Rainbow" - luck has been granted my way, and I flow on the ever lasting chain of love and light...

In between fits of playful laughter in my house, there is the sound of the sewing machine, and I daresay a few of these creations that bear the name Bare Rumps would have a fair crack of this cake below!

Mmmm! Yummy :)

Monday, March 21, 2011


A finished hippy nappy! :D

It was much harder to work with the bamboo velour, but I got into the swing of it after a little bit. 

The outer of the nappy:

The inner of the nappy: 

Now to work on the boosters! :D 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Satin stitch

So I am learning :)

First attempt

Second attempt 

Third attempt 

Obviously this opens up a whole new chapter in Bare Rumps nappies!!!!

Oh by the way! Did I tell you I scored $750 worth of ebb threads for $54 yesterday??? Well I did!!!! I had angels watching over me yesterday. I had so much excitement through the day... mind you I got a massive headache by 7pm from it all! LOL

Just working on a "Pink Around the World" nappy now, while Paige has a nap.

Friday, March 18, 2011


Guess who found satin stitch......? I did! I did!

Look out nappies... Be afraid... Be VERY afraid!

Hitting the studio this arvo like a fat kid on cake!!!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011


The very talented Kaye from the Tie-Dye-Shack has made me up some divine bamboo velour!!! I am so excited I can hardly contain myself !!! Humm wonder what I can do with this? :D :D :D

I'm sure I can think of something! :) 

Oh yeah and its a public holiday!!! There goes my day in the studio, I got in the while Paige was having her arvo sleep and got some boosters done but now I'm off to sink a few cold ones with some mates while the sun is out  before winter appears magically overnight. MWAH!!!! 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Stevie your nappy is finished :)

Second nappy for Stevie :) 

Do you notice something different? Yes - the leg elastic is rolling in.
I did a poll and it was considerably more popular than top stitched leg elastic, so from now on leg elastic  rolling inwards it is.

My beautiful Paige has been pretty sick the last few days so I have not been able to get into the studio at all, as as she is out of bed by 6:00am... Its such hard work with a sick baby. I would have to say look forward to this passing!

Crossing all my fingers and toes that I get in the studio tomorrow. I am determined to do a six hour sitting in there.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I did it!!!!

Well I survived the first stocking and my first 100 emails ;)

Bare Rumps store went live last night !!!!

There was a few hiccups with the website going live, but I got onto it with a phone call and was fixed in 20 minute. A problem I know how to correct for future stockings, and my poor web designer just gave birth a few days ago and here I am on the phone with her about my website - bless her!!!! BTW did I say you are my angel, Emma?

All in all it was a great success with what felt like a million eyes watching ;)

I even managed to bag up all the paypal deliveries and get a nice fresh brisk walk in the city at 2 in the morning with my basket of nappies!

No making nappies today- clearing up a few last emails, then watching a movie and having a *cough* "ME DAY!!!!!!" Yes! :D

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Was feeling crafty last night.

Made possibly one of my favourite nappies so far last night - a taster for whats in store for next month. I just love the angry owls - they are mega grumpy like they have been woken up during the day time, much like me first thing in the morning! ;) I mean who bounces out of bed singing upbeat tunes? Not me!!! LOL catch me late at night and I am a different story, and I can very much relate to these owls ;)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

No rest for the wicked!

So after making boosters for the last few days, just to tie all the nappies together, it means I have finished all my stock for the first stocking! YAY!!!

Now I am back playing around with the minki and frills and bits and bobs tonight, making up Stevie's second OOAK nappy.

I am so happy to have Stevie on board with me , as she is a mean scrapbooker that transforms my images with a touch of scrapbook magic. Our work compliments one another...

A few peeks on what I am working on tonight for you Stevie :) Guess a common theme here?


I JUST WENT LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All nappies in the shop will go *live* at 8pm on the 8th of March!!!!!

Bare Rumps - the modern cloth .

Friday, March 4, 2011

A new addition to the family :)

Who would have ever thought it takes 3 machines to make one nappy???

Well it does... I would have laughed if you told me this 6 months ago!!!! Stitch is great for all the fancy work, but then there's the over locker Larry, and then this new baby... I have been waiting for one of these makes to pop up and I was in great luck today (just in time too, mind you).

This machine is a Swiss make and even though it does not look so flash - trust me - it makes up with grunt! It powers through 7 layers... Yes - 7 LAYERS - happily. Stitch would have had a heart attack!!!

So not long now until my first stocking.....

It has been a massive six month work up to this point I have mixed emotions, as any one would. It is like birthing a new baby in a way... I am very excited, as well as a little tired from all the hard work of growing Bare Rumps.

I am learning a lot about myself in this process. It feels so good to be creative again after my year-long focus on my daughter as a baby. Now it will be that magical act of balancing motherhood vs artist. I intend to do both to the best of my ability.

Well I have had a fair ramble tonight, thus thank you if you made it this far! :)

Up to the studio now to finish the last of the boosters and hopefully get some cloth wipes on the cutting table.  (Oh is that a box of nappies in the back ground... Ooops..! You were not ment to see them ;) )