Photo Comp Info.

  'Photo competitions are put on hold until I resume set stockings ' 

Below is the information for when they are up and running again.

Every month I am opening a photo competition to Bare Rumps owners.

I am wanting to get a gallery of photos of babies/toddlers, in Bare Rumps nappies, to be featured on the website page "Bare Rumps Babies Gallery.

Here is how it works:

 1. Take a "artistic" photo of your child in Bare Rumps that you nabbed at the last stocking. Go wild with your creativity - it can be just the quality of the photo, a baby in a great background, dress-ups, whatever you imagine. You can submit 2 photos per entry. 

2. Upload it to my FB page

Please keep in mind I have to have permission to use your image for the Bare Rumps Website page.  Then please email me the image in high quality to as well as uploading it to FB, as the resolution / photo quality drops dramatically when uploaded to Facebook.  

3. I will then pick one photo that I see fit to be the winner. If there are a few that are equal in quality in my view then I will pick the best 3 photos I see fit. They will then be entered into "" and a number out of three selected to win a free CUSTOM nappy worth up to $60 + post.

4. Your entry must be made from yourself, not from a out side source.

5. Give permission to use the images on my Facebook, blog and website.

Allow three weeks to make your nappy. As you know I do not offer customs that often, so this makes it a rare opportunity to work with me to design your dream nappy. 

I need to get over 5 entries, from individual ladies entries to make the prize a custom nappy. If I get under five entries the prize will be a set of lush cloth wipes instead.

I will open this competition one week after EVERY stocking, and have it open for 2 to 3 weeks. 
I will announce when the competition opens and ends every month.

FUN,,,, YES!!!  Happy snapping! And good luck to all Bare Rumps owners :)

                                                 -MAY WINNER - Heidi Van Venrooy

                                                    -APRIL WINNER - Ella Jakeman

                                             -MARCH WINNER - Amanda Carson