Sunday, February 27, 2011

A pig of a machine... in a good way that is!

I want to blog and show you all my wonderful creations, but the stocking is sooo close now I will keep it a surprise.

7 or so mediums are ready for top stitching now. I have just ran out of basting spray, and also my marker pen has ran out of steam so its a trip down to the Spotlight in the morning.

Can you believe Stitch is at the doctors again???!!! (I can...) What's he getting this time? A spot of botox? Probably....!

So I have been given a replacement. He was born in 1930, it's very old and sounds like a hungry piggie. So I have called him Squealy Pig. What a dream he is!!!!!! I am having so much fun on this machine, it is so strong and solid I feel like nothing is going to get in my way this week. I am worried that when the doc calls me to come and pick up Stitch, I will choke on my tea!

*Note to self: make sure I am not drinking tea for any phone calls this week* I might kidnap squealy pig .....!

Friday, February 25, 2011


AND THE WINNER IS..... LEELEE with the wicked name "STITCH"!!!!!!

After "phone a friend" the decision was made, because the it was a very tight call between two other entries!!!

Thank you so much for all that entered and I loved them all!!!!

Jerry Red xx

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nappy fun!!!!

Tonight I am turning a few large nappies inside-out, it is like an early Christma !!! Being a cloth addict myself I am mega-excited! This is the fourth one I have unwrapped, and I had needed a cuppa just to calm down!!! Why am I selling this again?!?!?! LOL I neeeed this one...! NO there is some special baby girls name on it, and its not Paige's :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Goodies arrived today

For the first few stockings I am getting embroidery cuts from the lovely Ferne from the The-Embroidery-Lounge-by-Ferne. A few more arrived in the mail today which is exciting! Along with some stunning material from America.

 I am more than impressed with the competition answers that are flooding in the post below - this one is going to be a very close call!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Bare Rumps giveaway time!!!!!!

See this nappy here???? Well it could be yours!!! It is a Medium fitting (6.5 - 13kg) micro-fleece inner with a snap-in booster. This is a OOAK nappy! I just love this one and I know you will too! :)

Here is how it is going to work:

If you read down a few posts you will see my talking about my sewing machine. Well - he really needs a name!!!!! I am stuck for a good name for him, it needs to suit his personality which is:
He looks good (speaks for itself) 
He talks like a gentleman , wears cologne and hair gel (a quiet machine with bonus coconut smelling handy oil) 
He knows how to dance on the dance floor (flash stitch-work!) 
He is easy to talk to (easy to sew with) 

There are a few down falls to having such a flash digital sewing machine (NOT TOUGH ENOUGH!!!!!) and YES ... guess where he is now ?!?! At the "dentists" getting his teeth whitened! * rolls eyes*

Don't you worry ladies? Do you think I need a more manly machine?  Bruce the brunt of a machine (the industrial) is on his way home some time soon ... there is no way I could only live with ......... ?!?! Let's just call him "Janome" for now... but I do love him!! I just need two men - oh sorry I mean sewing machines - in my life for this project of making your babies' nappies!!!!!

Simply right down the name YOU think my sewing machine should be called!!!! 

Please write the name of the sewing machine in the post below.

If you login as anonymous, please simply right your full name down in the post as well so I can give a shout out via Face book if your name is chosen. Or better still, sign-in and start following blogs and get the blog bug!!!! 

I am going to leave it open for ONE week, so this time next week I will be drawing one winner with the best name I see fit for my sewing machine. This is a free prize - all I ask is that you pay postage . 

I would LOVE to get to 600 fans before the 1st of March and also would love to have more bloggers follow my blog as well because as my followers know - anyone that wants to see the process of nappy making. the Bare Rumps blog is the place to be. I love blogging and sharing the creative process with you!

Please spread the word about this fantastic giveaway. I would be really happy to hit 600 before my first stocking.


Double-click on the image of the nappy to make it larger, if you feel like "drooling" over him just that tad more :) 

IF any one is having problems commenting here PLEASE head over to my FB page and in the discussions there is a thread for you to put your answers as well.

I moderate comments here so if you do not see your comment come up straight away, do not fret - I can assure you it is on its way to being moderated and posted :) 

Jerry Red xxx

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Large nappies ready for sewing

Here is a bunch of large nappies in the making. I put together all the layers yesterday - look at them sitting there waiting quietly to bond with my metro-boy sewing machine! ;)

 I made quite a few larges as I thought this might be the size for the majority of my nappy addict mummy nabbers!!
Today I am busy cutting out PUL for medium size nappies in the studio. The rain is here after a few hot days and to be honest I am loving it!!!

I just love moody, overcast days. I love scarves and drinking hot chocolate - so I must say it's a fine day to listen to some music, pull out the rotary cutter, open the window and smell the rain .

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Work in progress!

Been working on a few Dr. Seuss nappies tonight, as well as a boy's "life in miniature on planet earth" themed nappy. Here is a photo of it half way through its creation, as well as my current partner in crime  (my Janome). I am thinking of upgrading him though. Whilst he looks flash and is great for some things , but I need a brut of a machine (like an industrial ) if you know what I mean? I need big muscles - not a sewing machine that likes to wear hair gel! ;)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Stevie your nappy is finished :)

Been busy in the studio today preparing more built in boosters. My favourite part of making the nappies is strangely cutting out the patterns with my rotary cutters. I find it very meditative and in a split second they are done.

It would be nice if  they came up with rotary cutters that did not go blunt so quickly though!

So anyway - back on track. Stevie's barter nappy has been finished today. I really enjoyed making this nappy and hope she loves it as much as I do.

Pretty excited now that the website is not to far off. Have been plugging away at information as the time permits between motherhood, social life and studio.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011

Built in boosters

Bare Rumps nappies will have a buil- in booster as well as a snap in booster system. I have been busy in the studio today preparing them. The date has been set ***8th of March*** first Bare Rumps stocking, as you would have heard today via my FB page. Nothing like a date in mind to be working towards to bring out the stock whip to get cracking!

Back on the Black Stallion

It was nice having 5 days off the computer and the studio, but now it's time to get back on the horse today.

Today I am feeling a boys nappy coming on. Here are a few things I was working on last week - all big ruffles which will be double-lined (in the same material on the underside of the ruffles as well).