Friday, February 1, 2013

Old growth forest protection.

Good afternoon!
 I am sneaking in a quick blog!

 It's that lovely time again when BR hits the exhibition light's of Salamanca arts hub "The Long Gallery" in Hobart.

But this yr I sadly will not be attending.

I have quite a few design projects going on atm so simply sitting this one out. Going with my Gut feeling here, and it's never failed me in the past, I am to busy deigning for my current customers! If I put any more into the batch, that unicorn glue might have to make an appearance, and I am pretty sure I am saving what little of it I have left for something bigger.

2011'S Entry
2012's Entry

BUT! Do not be disappointed!

I have made this scrumptious nappy and I would like to donate 100% of the profit raised to our local environment centre like I normally do with this event!

 The volunteer crew down that way really do amazing heart giving efforts, so I am asking you to dig deep if you can.

So hows this Misty sea! I have only ever dreamt about making a full cut misty sea nappy like this, and NoW iT'S a ReAItY !!! 

I will post it live to bid on with this blog post on my FB wall.
I notify the winner on Monday the 4th of Feb, at 8.00pm Tas time not a moment later!

I am spot on with closing it off so please feel free to tag yourself in the image to keep an eye on bids.
Min of 5 bucka increments, postage is on-top of final big.

It's a super dooper sweet, super rare Misty Sea minki large Thyla Pouch, with a Hand dyed Bamboo velour inner, with a micro-fleece topped booster.

I hope this lovely rare, and very fabulously special nappy makes lots of people smile, because it sure did for me when making it this morning. Think it was the misty sea... Does odd things to grown women!

-JR x