Cloth addict?

Are you addicted to cloth??? I sure know the obsession lingers in my blood, that's what got me into making nappies!

I always planned on using cloth for my child - the thought of my daughter contributing to 3 tonnes of landfill before her third birthday completely "ick-factored" me to say the least.

My daughter Paige was born with hip dysplacia, affecting one in every 600 babies born (she was sideways in my belly, which was the cause of this condition). 

So the first few months they sat in the cupboard waiting for the day that her harness came of.

In hindsight, I had no idea about some brands that would have been perfect and would have worked well to thread through the Pavlov harness, so we did use disposables for the first three months of her precious life which I found smelly, wasteful, expensive and leaky.

I use to call her *my little pappadum* (if you have ever seen a baby in the harness they look like a triangle and pappadum being the triangle indian treats). Gee! Was I glad the day the harness came off? Both in general, and as the MCNs came out of the cupboard - and we have never looked back!

How naive I was to the world of MCN then! I had no idea it would take me on a year long obsession with cloth, you know the feeling - when you dream about MCNs? 

Where designer shoes get over taken with custom nappies, and you have never been happier? Well *cough* maybe the bank balance is not so happy :/ But thats not the point! Oh, the joy! 

Hunt every possible nappy website imaginable

Where you gave up deleting your comments from your Facebook Page just so your friends did not know what you are up to in the nappy world? (I never had a MCN "Alias" Facebook page - my poor friends!)

Or get an overwhelming feeling of excitement when the postie knocks on your door, or feels gutted when he rides past? 

Finding out about the amazing stockings that happen once a month with glorious pretties and handsome naps, so you dream of getting the fastest possible internet speed just so you can nab one of these precious creations?

Trying to explain to your friends and them just not understanding?

Or this is the best one ..... You find your self thinking "Oh, I might have a slight problem" when you hit 100 nappies in your stash....!

YEP!!! You're a cloth addict...... No denying it! :) 

I stumbled across an online community of amazing mothers that got my dry sense of humour and love (obsession) with cloth over at Buy and Sell your MCN'S... We joked, laughed some more, these ladies understood and to this day have formed strong life connections with a few amazing, like-minded cloth mammas.

With out a few of you - and a little less of some of you - this dream would not have become possible!

This new adventure into the world of making Bare Rumps nappies has become a reality, it feels great to dream nappies and then OUILA! 

The biggest virtual squeeze to "Granny Rox" for all the wise words and mother-figure like support you gave in the beginning stages - the best nappy hunting granny I know, with a very nice granny stash :)

Peace out cloth bandits, and happy nappy nabbing!

(Paige on a early spring day)

- Jerry Red xoxo

Now if you have made it this far, this observation of the cloth addiction is a beauty!  

Written by Melissa Knight.

***Adapted from ICD-10 Diagnostic guidelines for dependence. 

To all my loyal MCN loving mummas.  It has come to my attention that some of you may have developed what can only be described as MCN Addiction!!!! I couldn't help myself but write a diagnostic criteria for what is quickly becoming an epidemic! lol.

**** Please note this is only meant to be light hearted.  ****

Modern Cloth Nappy Addiction
A definite diagnosis of Modern Cloth Nappy Addiction should usually be made only if three or more of the following have been present together at some time during the previous year:
  • 1. A strong desire or sense of compulsion to buy modern cloth nappies;

  • 2. Difficulties in controlling buying-of- MCNs and constant stalking of WAHM pages to score yourself the latest in MCN design;

  • 3. A physiological withdrawal state when buying of MCNs has ceased or have been reduced.
  • 4. Evidence of tolerance, such that increased buying of MCNs are required in order to achieve effects originally produced by lower doses ;

  • 5. Progressive neglect of alternative pleasures or interests because of buying of MCNs, looking at your MCNs, taking pictures of your MCNs, uploading pictures of your MCNs, increased amount of time necessary to obtain or look at your MCNs or to recover from its effects, sitting in the dark late at night so you can spend quality time with your MCNs;

  • 6. Persisting with buying MCNs despite clear evidence of overtly harmful consequences, such as harm to the bank balance from excessive buying, anxiety and panic attacks related to stockings, depressive mood states consequent to periods of heavy MCN purchasing, or MCN-related impairment of cognitive functioning; efforts should be made to determine that the mumma was actually, or could be expected to be, aware of the nature and extent of the harm.
If you meet this criteria, please head immediately to your nearest MCN support group.  

This is a cute little read from a cloth addict!! Let's see if she sticks to it!!

Dear MCN addiction,

Hello dear friend, I hope you have been well. I am sure you may have noticed that I have not been in much contact lately. This is the reason why I am writing you this letter. I feel that it is time for us to go our separate ways.

I have really enjoyed your company over the last year. You really have provided me with lots of excitement, support, joy and enthusiasm. Oh, how I have really loved the thrill of “winning” a beautiful nappy (and bragging about it), the anticipation of waiting for the postie to arrive, or the giddy feeling of opening a parcel to reveal the fluffy, mystical pretty waiting inside.

You have been a great distraction for me. I really have enjoyed my “me time” together. Sitting at the computer together for different spurts during the day; grazing thru many photos and newsfeed updates. The joy of admiring pretty nappies and the rush of the “f5” button while trying to nab something new to add to the stash.

I can look back fondly over our time together. I must admit, that I try not to think about all the money or time that has been consumed while trying to feed you. Because when I do I feel a slight sick feeling deep inside my stomach.

The reason for my parting dear friend you may wonder. Well, I no longer have the urge to add to DD’s stash. The high of getting a new nappy no longer takes over me. I feel happy and complete knowing I don’t need/ want any more pretties. The excitement of waiting for the postie has passed, the rush of nabbing a nappy has eased and the urge of constantly checking newsfeed updates has subsided.

Please don’t be sad MCN addiction. I will still be around. I won’t be cutting my ties completely. I will still enjoy sharing others excitement that they have with you, admiring stash shots, congratulating successful “wins” at stockings and even helping feed their own friendship with you. I will always think of you kindly as I watch my DD in her cute fluffy butt.

I feel a great weight lifting from my shoulders now that I have told you how I feel. No longer will I need to hide my purchases or rush to the bank statement first. From now on when I sell a nappy it will not be replaced with another one. I am done.

Thank you MCN addiction for being a great companion. I am sure I will see you around.

Take care, much love

Good luck Kaelee!!!! I simply will delete any orders I find that come through in my order form via my website in future ;) Just helping !!! xxx - Jerry Red x