Thursday, September 29, 2011

More tasters of what the BR studio has been up to.

Well it sure is a rainy dull day down here in Hobart town! Lucky I like this kinda weather, perfect for being indoors and getting crafty! Perfect time to pull out the camera as well and show you all what I have been working on. Busy snapping nappies at lunch time, and giving my hair a well needed treatment. Well thats it for the panels, they are all finished, I fair say there may even be around 35 nappies! Majority are large, there are quite a few medium, maybe 5 small and around 4 newborn. 

- Jerry Red x

Sunday, September 25, 2011

BR turns the big ONE!


Happy Birthday Bare Rumps!

I can fairly say there would be over 250 odd Bare Rumps nappies on babies bums out there! Each nappy is over 3 hours work each (most of them are more like 5 to 7 each), we are looking at countless hours in the studio, I would not even want to count up the hours as I may just have a heart attack! The sewing coupled with design work, ordering supplies, office jobs, like bookwork, website, Digital scrapbooking, invoices, email replies, I have pretty much dedicated my life to this journey for the last year!

 As you may have noticed I like to do things 100%, no casual stroll to the finish line, I see a finish line, and thats my goal, I pretty much pull out the trainers and jog ( jog well if you can call it that, more like a fast pace walk like over on the Kath and Kims TV shows!) I guess my life has taught me that, obstacles can present themselves and try to push you down. Life is about strength, love, enjoying the moment, and not letting any one ruin them three simple pleasures. You simply get back up stronger than before, some people say that, I live it.

5 months of testing nappies before ever selling one nappy...
Making boosters I would like in a nappy (decent hours of use).
Combining my creative and practical side.
Sharing my journey and having heart.

I believe this is what has made Bare Rumps what it is today just one year one from her conception date (which is today!)

When something has heart, like I have for Bare Rumps, it blossoms without too much effort. I have shared my heart, my family, my excitement, and my strength through my blog over the last year. Looking back on my first entries, there is such a air of naivety, and in that alone it is infecting... Why? Because it is honest.

Paige is growing fast, and strong (2 years old) - she is a handful most days so I tend to unwind in the studio late at night. I now have her in day care 2 days a week, one to work in the studio, and the other to have 'me' time. I am busy working on this next stocking at the present time and have been making some popping boys nappies today!

Next year I have some exciting designs I have been working on and testing here at home. I look forward to  sharing them with you all in due time.

A massive shout out to Emma from Tiny Violet for all the help with the website and support as a friend and partner in crime- she is another amazing sole parent rocking her vibe. Thankyou to Abby, a local designer that fine tuned my logo, and a massive thankyou to Aviva, my best friend, for designing the ideas I pitched to her to come up with the very first basic of the logo.

Last of all ... Thank you YOU! Thank you for having faith in my creations and supporting my passion. Rocking the cloth!

Well thats a wrap, time for some champagne and blue cheese. I am awfully proud of my achievements this year - go me!

- Jerry Red x

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sneaky peeky of the next stocking!

The winner is Courteney Dhnaram! Please shoot me an email via the “contact me” tab on my fan page for that exclusive password!

Thank you everyone that put their name down to be selected to receive the gift of first dibs on no more than two nappies. Wow! Quite an over whelming feeling knowing how many people put their name down! I wish I could duplicate myself a hundred times so I could make one for all of you!

Please sign up to my newsletter to be “in the know” of when this next batch is being released as this is how I let my fans know a approximate time that they will be going live. Don't worry - I never spam your email! I only share important news like stocking times.

Below are some images of what I have been working on the last week for the public stock. As you can see, the embroidery machine has been going flat out! The machine is getting a break today (and the studio for that matter for a good few days) as I have come down with the dreaded cold! I have been fighting this one off for a while, but it's a tough one! I hope you see something you like! Signing-off now for some ginger and honey smelling and a sleepy time nap with Paige over the lunch period.

- Jerry Red x

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dreaming a little dream


I shall paint.

It's not my usual medium of paint...

Instead of canvas, let's bring the softness of cloth... and instead of brush, it is a machine.

Let's see what comes out of the studio later on tonight.

- Jerry Red x

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Have a Bare Rumps nappy at home? Want in on my co-op?

I think its about time for you all to get snapping photos of all the gorgeous Bare Rumps babies out there! Photo Competition Time!!!! The winning photo as I see fit, will be invited into my private co-op that is happening at this very minute. The winner secures a spot for two custom nappies, I am having a blast with this co-op so you will not be disappointed. This is the last final invite into the co-op, and will have it wrapped up by the end of the year.

Mother and photography enthusiast - Desiree.

Here is how it works:

 1. Take a 'artistic' photo of your child / children in a Bare Rumps that you have nabbed, or bought second hand.  Go wild with your creativity! It can be just the quality of the photo, baby in a great background, dress ups, what ever you heart imagines... There really is no limitation here except that it's 2 photos per entry.

2. Up load it to my Facebook Page
Please keep in mind I have to have permission to use your image for the Bare Rumps Website. Then please email me the image in high quality to as well as uploading it to Facebook, as the resolution quality drops dramatically when uploaded and compressed by Facebook and I cannot use Facebook images alone .  

3. I will then pick one photo that I see fit to be the winner. If there are a few that are equal in quality in my view then I will pick the best 3 photos I see fit. These three will then be entered into and one number out of the three selected to be invited into my co-op. 

I am opening it up from today for 4 weeks to get your entries in. Entry closes on the 14th of OCTOBER. 

Its always the most rewarding part about making the nappies, seeing them home with their owners, nice and snug and doing their job. 

Happy snapping every one!! 

I cannot wait to see some creative play!!

- Jerry Red x 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sharing a late night photo.

I wanted to share a late night special photo of my baby girl Paige Red. I keep this image quite close to my heart. She loved her nappies to for a while there when she was a small lass... You cannot half tell, right???

Her expression at late goes a little something like this: "Ahhh, not another nappy now, Mummy!" 
But how cute is this photo of my daughter and her nappy stash at the time?

She is sleeping soundly behind me as I blog this late night post. Yes, we "co-sleep", and yes we love it :)

- Jerry Red x

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ocean girl.

On a more personal note.....

I love the ocean.

Flaming-haired beauty,

                   Double sided,
                                         flip a coin,
                                                           black and white,
                                                                                      calm waters,

We enter the food chain when we emerge ourselves in her beauty. I guess thats the risk we take to dip our humanly bodies into her often refreshing moment of exhale.

The tropical blue, silent waters, of the martini drenched lagoon I once visited, versus the wild, dark winded, tightly woollen-bound open ocean crossing between Tasmania and Melbourne. The vast difference from one body of water.

The extreme flip of the coin is very much a metaphor, reflection of life and what it can throw at us. Because even when you plan life to its very "T", the power of the unexpected can arise at any given moment. The only real power is now.

It feeds us, it has fed my inspiration my whole life, A wise woman once said, "Jerry...birth, life, and death are like the rolling waves in the ocean... They just keep rolling"...... I knew that moment looking into her watery light blue eyes that she was right, And from that moment onwards, the thought of death is a little less fearful.

I was born in a hospital in W.A, and at one week old I was taken onto my birth fathers hand crafted wooden boat, where we spent time travelling around Australia for three years.

My youngest memories are of the smell of the water soaked wood, and the image of the whales and dolphins that were hand carved into my crib that was built into the boat.

True "Pirate style", he sailed away once we hit land three years after the journey started - never to be seen again to this day.

I wear this to remind my self of my past, and my love of the deep blue sea. I wear it every moment of every day, and hopefully Paige will do the same when it is passed to her as a gift.

So to receive two requests of the ocean theme Bare Rumps nappies to be made within a space of a week, there was no hesitation to get cracking in the studio.

Must be a day for reflection, chitter chatter, and to make nappy creations to share with you.

So if you snag a custom spot that will be coming up early next year via my website - heads up! I love a water theme :)

- Jerry Red x