Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Seconds Nappies Mark

From 2012 onwards all Bare Rumps nappies that are 'Seconds' will have a distinct marking on them that is impossible to remove.

The definition of a second nappy is always purely cosmetic, and never effects the performance of the nappy. A e.g is, top stitching not 100% straight, bobbin thread coming up in a very small area of the nappy/nappy embroidery, pattern cut a tad to small, all seconds when listed have the detail of why it is a second, photo's provided and offered at a discount.

 I am human and yes small mistakes happen from time to time, you should not come across to many of them, but when you do, from 2012 stock on-ways you will know now that it is a second if it has been sold/ passed on you 2nd hand, 3rd hand 4th hand even!

This is a fantastic way for you as a second hand buyer, as you know 100% what you are getting when it is listed, and it is fantastic for me as the maker, as it will keep my reputation to the high standard as some of my creations have been sold second hand and go through many owners, this eliminates any "Oh my Bare Rumps nappy is fine, but I have seen faulty ones". It's a win win situation for us both! Cool eh :)

SO, here is my Bare Rumps seconds mark.

A "S" for "seconds".

It is located on the left hand side of the nappy, and goes through the micro-fleece as well so it is impossible to remove, if it was removed,  you would know as there will be a hole in the micro-flecce.

What makes this nappy a second? The top panel is 1cm shorter than what my pattern is. Yep, thats all.

I estimate one in every 25 will have this mark and will be offered at a discount rate.

I will be putting this information on the website as well, so hopefully word get's out in the MCN community about my seconds mark, and what to look out for.

If you see ANY Bare Rumps nappies sold second hand with this mark, but it is not mentioned in the listing, you will know for sure it was bought as a discounted rate.

Chances are you will not see to many of them :)
Unless I down two bottles of wine this weekend and start sewing, JOKING!

- Jerry Red x

Monday, February 27, 2012

A nice little pile of fluffy goodness


 I kicked of in the studio this morning, my one Paige free day a week where the studio get undivided attention! But one slight problem.....

It's about as hot as a furnace around these parts right now!
 It hit 37 the last two days, which is unheard of on this little isle, a stone throw away from Antarctic waters.

So in all my hot bother I am taking the afternoon of to put together a blog of sneak previews of the next stocking, put up the feet and reflect on the moment of silence, us mums do not get to do that often, and take the time to update you all.

I am running behind a week on stocking.
I was struck down by a dreaded flu last week, and spent most of the time trying to get better with sage and honey tea, dried ginger, camomile with dragons blood waters. I have had a speedy recovery which is welcomed with open arms.  Paige was hard work, I must admit, they are the hardest times being a sole parent and sickness takes reins, not an inch of sewing was done, I did however manage to thread a few needles on my ebb machine.

 Paige knew I was sick and was trying her best,

"You K mumma"

 followed by

 "Ohhh comme ear"

Pulling me in for a big cuddle.
Like a little marsupial mammal finding comfort in a burrow.
She felt strong, this time I was the child for a split second, feeling her strong grasp.
Ah them small moments kept me going last week!

I am just starting on a few OOAK designs this week, which is always fun! I am enjoying my studio at night, my machines are playing nice, and things are coming along quite well. I really need to wrap up these designs and get onto the boosters though ;)

I have a few other designs on the table as well, but lets keep them a surprise ;)

- Jerry Red x

Friday, February 17, 2012

Opening night.

Well, that was a hoot!

Opening night.
Caught up with many old friends and met a few new ones, the space was full of buzzing creativity and a passionate driving force of spirit.
 Spirit to protect, spirit to stand strong for the protection of this pristine natural environment that is in the direct line of threat to clear fell logging, not selective logging, but miles of tree stumps bare earth and animal bones. It's ruthless. They leave nothing behind.

                                          (Styx Valley southern Tasmania)
 To have a voice.


                                                  ( The Weld Valley)

Some beautiful work!

Lots of them!
Must have been 200 odd creative cats, speeches, conversation, Tasmanian wine, and the usual gourmet spreads of fine dips.
Paige loved the space, wide eyed taking it all in, when we decided it was a wrap and walking back to our white chariot, she bent her head back and could see the fairy lights in the willow trees that line Salamanca place, "Stars mummy stars".. "Yes sweet heart, they are, stars just for you".

A few photos of the space once the crowds dispersed and I had more room to breath and take a few photographic images, please excuse the poor lighting, my camera is not built for flash photography.

If your Hobart bound, and down at Salamanca, worth popping in, the space will be open to the public for a few weeks, The Long Gallery is situated in the arts centre, next to the Peacock Theatre.

Your money is going to a wonderful cause, bid big!!
- Jerry Red x

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Elaine Wu you are the winner!

As mentioned in my last blog I have chosen a winner by random.org for the "Name BRs nappy pattern".  26 people suggested names and the number chosen is Elaine Wu number 1! Please shoot me a email from the contact tab and I will give you the password to access my website the night before stocking, and you can at your leisure pick one nappy to cart.

Thank-you to every one that entered!

Just a reminder the art gallery charity auction in being held tomorrow night via my facebook page, to find out more about the non for profit organisation you are bidding on check out Huon Valley environment centre

- Jerry Red x 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bare Rumps introduces drummmrrrooolll

The Thyla Pouch! 

The Thyla pouch, is a smaller fit Large, the size range is 9kg to 17kg.

I have spent 8 months refining this pattern, it started one late night after taking measurements from my daughter, then sketching, then drafting, and it fits my daughter like a glove, after many revamps. The larges are ready for sale for the March stocking ( Date unknown yet). The smalls and mediums and extra large are going through extensive testing for the next six to 8 months.

It is a trim fitting nappy and the most exciting part is that is still has the same absorbency that you have come to love from Bare Rumps nappies!

The name Thyla pouch comes from "Thyla" Thylacine, and Pouch, being the arms that the mother tiger carries her young, much the same as a kangaroo pouch.

I am going to put every person that entered the "Name my pattern competition" into random.org some time this weekend when I get the chance, and draw a winner that way, there was just not one name that really stood out to me, so I have combined a few entries, thank-you for the inspiration! And thank-you for helping me name Bare Rumps's Pattern the Thyla pouch, owned and designed by Jerry Red.

I am sewing today in the studio, I have around 40 finished, getting to some creative designs this arvo. I dropped my Auction art exhibit nappy of at the space this morning, and the ladies are doing a fine job of curating down there.

I hope you love the design, and are willing to give it a crack come March when it is for sale.

- Jerry Red x

Sunday, February 5, 2012

"The Weld valley art exhibit"

Hi ladies!

This yr is just kicking off for me in 2012, the studio is in full swing, and "Weld Echo" is just around the bend.

 In preparation to this yrs entry, I have been getting some time away in the bush drawing inspiration, hitting the studio last night was a heap of fun working with ideas surrounding the "Weld".
 It IS my most favourite nappy made to date,
I have a strong attachment to this one!

"Weld Echo" is a collaborative exhibition of "Weld Valley" inspired work, the gallery is located in Salamanca arts centre in the Long gallery.
 It runs from the 17th till the 28th of Feb, so if your down this way, head on over some time and check out Bare Rumps nappies on display.

The work on display is in reference to a 10 yr community campaign to end the devastating effects of old growth logging in this South Tasmanian environment. The Weld Valley remains one of the most diverse and least exploited native environments in Tasmania.

6 yrs ago the community built a great big ship out of wood and tin in the middle of the access road. It was a direct action approach to stop the roads being put through the valley, giving access to eventually log, the ship while it lasted was quite a spectacular image, made out of wood and tin, mast and deck dwarfed by the towering trees above.

My theme is a response to the pirate ship, thinking it would be a rocking theme for a unisex theme nappy!

Name-The Forgotten land
Size-Large uni sex
Media- Minki, bamboo velour
Price-Auction item, to be held on my Facebook page, the night of the gallery Friday the 17th of Feb
100% donation charity item.

I just had a ball creating this design :)

The bamboo velour is created by a tie dye artist, that had been working with this medium for many yrs, his results are out standing, he has an exclusive contract to dye for BR nappies only Australia wide.

If you would like to own this very special OOAK Bare Rumps exhibit nappy please keep a look out for the auction night of the 17th of Feb, via my BR Facebook wall.

 Auction will go for 24 hours only
 Highest bidder wins the item.
 Shipping of platinum express post is included for Australia bidders, over seas bidders are expected to pay $10 on top of the final bidding price for there shipping of trackable post.
This is a 100% donation item and all the funds go to the Huon Valley environment centre for  funding future projects.

I will upload photos of the exhibition space on the night :)
- Jerry Red x