Sunday, September 2, 2012

Black Milk Clothing on BR designer cloth!

What's more addictive than cloth nappies?

Put a cloth nappy addict, and a BM addict in one bag, shake it up a little and seriously.... BANG!! Here is your edition!!!

(Hum... talking to your self is not providing fashionable Jerry!!) No....I do know a few of you feel the same, so this edition is not only for me, but for you too :)
You cloth Mumma sharkies know who you are!

This is a very limited 20 only run/release of nappies, inspired by Black Milk Clothing.
The Brain child behind the brand is a man called JL, short for James, started off not so long ago, with six bucks in his pocket, a small old secondhand sewing machine, and an idea to create tight nylon printed material clothing.

Well, look out Australia, (worldwide for that matter) BM went nuts!!.. And I can see why... His stuff is Kk Kkkrazy!
As sharing the fellow love of stylising stuff, his story is pretty cool......

I must say, I am a fello sharkie.
I do not get to join in on the all the fabby discussion groups that are the "BM family" as much as I would like to, let's face it, between running BR and raising my daughter single-handed, I do not have much time to sit down and chat too often outside my own page, but you can sure bet I refresh at every release they do!

And um, yes I have nylon spilling out of my drawers!

I was thinking about showing you a photo of my stash...
But hey... better not now, that would just be showing off!

I have been in touch with Cam, and the team from BM, and was wrapped when they loved my idea. They even sent me real BM galaxy material!! The appliqué on the stars is from the purple galaxy range BM have, SwOoN!

So a huge thanks the team for giving me permission to create this set. You really are going to make 20 sharkie Mummies of cloth wearing babies very very VERY happy!

I was not planning on releasing it so soon, but I let it slip on my page the other day chatting about BM, and thought, oh dear Jerry best get onto that!!! We know how ideas can "travel fast" ;) So here it is.... I am creating a girls' version too, so keep your eye out for that as well.
The sets will go live in a few weeks on the website, I will keep you up to date via my newsletter email.

Till then, you know how it rolls, 
Power to the positive. 

-JR x