Sunday, November 13, 2011

Well it's a wrap for BR for the year!

Most of you know from my FB post that it's now officially a wrap to the end of the year for me. I posted my last auction custom spot over the weekend. I am still making nappies 'til the end of the year privately for my co-op, there will still be photos uploaded to my fan page if you feel like seeing my latest creations. But from now on after this blog it may echo on my FB wall! I will still be replying just every few days from now on.

Really looking forward to finishing it up and having a well deserved break! This year has been consumed with sewing, ordering, posting orders, late nights scrapbooking images, stocking anxiety, (no seriously - the first few stockings were windows open and a frozen bag of peas on my forehead!), learning new ways of improving my nappies, laughing, and crying, could not leave that part out. I am sure once or twice my machines have been in such a state I have had a few wet cheeks! Oh... I forgot to mention all while looking after a 1 to 2 year old baby girl full-time being a sole parent! Who said women are simple creatures...?

I wanted to blog a few images to end the year with the nappies I really enjoyed making in the last few weeks. I am finding now that I am much more confident in my work now that I have mastered a few techniques through trial and error, so at late I have been finding myself give room for my nappies to be quite creative.

This is one I have been working on over the weekend: Surf's up!

                                                    Detail of the Extreme custom


See you all around Feb 2nd 2012 - I have some exciting stuff in the works that the nappy world has not seen before, a few projects I am very excited about... all will be known in due time!

Have a lovely festive time over the up and coming months... YOU ladies rock my world, the world is a better place with cloth in it.

Much care,  Jerry Red x