Thursday, June 23, 2011

An Intimate Affair: the inspiration behind Bare Rumps

A little Album I put together today about my beautiful baby girl Paige Red. Paige is the only reason I ever picked up a cloth nappy in the first place - had I not given birth to my daughter I would have never found the joy of making and creating modern cloth nappies. So for that alone, I think she is worth a mention on the Bare Rumps blog.

And it begins....  Twenty weeks/.. A smooth pregnancy...
I carried large with her - she was posterior and 19 days overdue. I refused induction, and instead opted to get a extra two ultra sounds...  

After a long and hard labour you were born...
You were a big girl 9 pounds 8 ouncea.

And into my arms you came, a natural flow and flair came flowing over me for the moments of early motherhood. I was drenched and drunk with the smell of nurture.... 

                                            A flight to Melbourne in summer ...
                                            We head to the Zoo and relax in the butterfly enclosure...
                                             A little fairy came along .... and kissed you!

Your smiles are infecting... and almost instantly there was a common bond of humour between us, and I knew straight away we were going to giggle together in life.

Paige had hip dysplacia  when she was born, as she was sideways in my tummy - in turn she was to wear  a harness to keep her legs splayed while her hip sockets grew deeper.

I found out the news of her condition on day 5, just when my milk was coming through, a waterfall over took my body, flowing tears of uncertainly, a hard moment to know I was only going to be able to sponge bath my daughter for 5 months, and not be able to use cloth nappies.

 We got through it quite smoothly in retrospect, and the support of how common it is and easy to treat put my mind at ease. Our very first bath together at 5 months was a very special moment, watching her little frog legs kick around.

                                     The harness comes of and the journey of cloth begins ........

They grow so fast......! Paige sleeps soundly upstairs now while I put this blog together, and every day of my life she grows on the journey with me.

             We have our hard days - like every mother does - you are naughty at times and like to push the boundaries, and I find it hard to keep a straight face when saying 'No'!

 You have a lot of energy, do not sit still for long and instead of reading books you would rather be dancing........ You say 'Mummy' a lot......!

This morning, Paige was rocking the Tasmanian Winter's air and enjoying the light; it was the darkest day of the year yesterday, so from now on the light grows... It's going to be a good summer coming up with my little friend...


     Everyday a blessing, everyday learning something new...

With out Paige I would have never put material to sewing machine, and for that alone I want to say:
Paige - you are a inspiration!

Jerry Red x

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bare Rumps photo competition winner!

CONGRATULATIONS  Heidi!!! You have won a custom Bare Rumps!
This was the image that really captured my heart this month:

Also wanted to mention while I am here - with the change of my set stockings to doing random stock, and linking onto my Facebook page, I have noticed a bit of chatter of public forums that some of my posts do not appear in your newsfeed ( Facebook can be very random at times!) so you might miss out on the chance to buy one if you wish.

To get around this - this is what I have come up with:

Next random stocking I will send out a newsletter with a date and approximate time of the next stocking, I will be looking at generally 10 or less nappies being released at a time.

So please sign up to my news letter via my website The Home of Bare Rumps as this is the only way I will be informing my fans on future random stockings.

Jerry Red x

Monday, June 13, 2011

Bare Rumps competition photos.

Again this month I am blown away by the creative nature of all of the entries. A big thank you to all of you that went to the effort - the results are outstanding. 

I will have to call on a team for this one once again, and announce the winner in a few days time!

The studio will be fired up again very soon, within the next few weeks you will see some exciting stock being put up for sale via my website.

The auction item for the 'Weld Echo' was a smashing success and raised $210 to a wonderful cause - a personal thank you to Chloe who was the highest bidder.

Below are the photo competition entries in no structured order:  

                                 Stef- Arleigh, my hippy baby, in her Bare Rumps 'Hippy Hippy Shake' ♥

                                                   Arleigh, with her gorgeous Bare Rump's on ♥

                                        Jenna Wright - Charlotte-grace 4 weeks old snoozin in her Bare Rumps.


                                            Sarah Jane - Baby Nathan - 3 months old in his Bare Rumps.

                                                Desiree - With her beautiful daughter 

                                      Heidi Van Venrooy - With her son Raffi 

                                  Kass - My princess Abigail 2 weeks old :)

                            Joanna Symonds -  With her son Craig

                                 Kirst - with Our Gorgeous New Bare Rumps

Thank you again to all the effort for this month!!! I am pretty sure I have every one included, but if I have missed any just shoot me a message! 

Sadly it will be the last stocking photo competition for a bit until I find the time for regular stockings again. They will resume sometime in the near future.

Until then be on the look out for links to random stock on my website via my Facebook page.

Also on another note -

Running at the moment is a competition at - BAA (Bloomer Addicts Anon.)  via Facebook. It's nice to see a few Bare Rumps nappies making a appearance!

The winner of last month photo for the Bare Rumps competition was Ella and her beautiful daughter  Tigerlily - please get voting for this wonderful and well deserved photo! 

Jerry Red x