Thursday, November 11, 2010

So this is what came out of the sewing wirl wind last night


Gotta love them! This is a unisex set, size medium, and I love these colours personally! I love blacks and reds together, and the hint of green pulls it together neatly. This reminds me of a fresh Tasmanian spring.


  1. You know I love this one so so much :) are you going to give your designs "theme names"? :) I'd call this one "Orchard" or "Tasman"... or "Cascade" or "Bobbing Apples" :P something like that :P Welcome to blog-land!!

  2. ah wonderful !!!! Yes there will be theme names , and you have come up with some wonderful idea for the names :D

  3. OMG Jerry, I cant stop showing ur sneak peaks to my friends who dont use cloth. Im convinced I can change at least one person with ur funkiness. I love pretty things for my girl but I LOVE funkiness for both my girls. Your doing so well, cant wait to watch this progress. :)