Friday, November 26, 2010

Tiny Mini Designer Nappy!

I made this yesterday intended to fit a cabbage patch doll (as I am doing a range of nappies for your babies babies ) but somehow I most defiantly underestimated the pattern and sized it way too small!!!!! It would not even fit a cabbage patches leg !!! It was so small and fiddly to sew, but I still had a blast doing so. Methinks this may be the smallest nap I will ever make! :P


  1. Awww that's too cute!!! Tyler has a little baby doll (smaller than a cabbage patch doll) that the preemie nappies swim on, however his doll is very anatomically correct, and a boy :P so at the moment he's kicking around in a sposie lol

  2. sooo cute, if you decide to make another, i would love to buy one off you.... christmas tree decoration? bag dangly? key ring? hehe
    Rebekah Martin