Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A few naps made up this week (testers for my daughter and friends)

A few more testers I have made this week (some of them yet to have boosters)...

It is way too hot for me today,  so I have opted out of the studio and decided to blog instead.... and if you cannot half tell, hot weather is not my fave (hence why settling in Tassie was so appealing!)

 Sitting down now to blog and sink a few Coronas (which are always brought out on a hot day!)


  1. You are just bloody amazing jerry. There is NOTHING out there like your doing. Prepare to become very very rich woman! XXX tate

  2. Tate rich ?!?!?! bahhh aha ha ha sweetie I think I am in the wrong industry if I want to get rich :P The amount of energy that goes into nappies and the material costs are quite steep, really it only just will pay the bills , the only way to make money is send materials overseas , which does not agree with me at this stage . but thats bub you can send me get rich vibes any time !!! xxxxx oo xx ( just seeing your post now sorry babe )