Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Just a few taster pics I am working on this week below.

I have quite a few more in the making but I am keeping them a surprise!
It is going to be sooooo hard keeping them away this blog but I will try my hardest until they are finished.

 I got my first tester in the mail today, the VHC is off to a new home, were it will be loved, tested and tested some more. I have had to cut down on one layer of bamboo with my boosters which I am a little sad about, my sewing machine simply will not withstand the thickness of the booster I originally wanted, and would need a industrial machine :( Am quite interested to see how long they will last with out the extra layer, ( was getting 5 hours out of the last boosters ) I have a pet hate for small boosters, I like a nappy I can confidently leave the house and know it's going to stand the test of time.

On the home fnt, went to town today and it was CRAZY town, seriously shopping mania, will not be doing that again  until after christmas, but came home to some nice packages, fairy fabrics ( squirty bottles for dyeing), and a material shipment from the states, woot woot. All the supplies are coming together nicely.

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