Friday, December 3, 2010

Unisex Nappy

This is the full photo of the nappy - these are my first EVER nappies I have made completely with all the nice material (Paige will be the tester of this one).  Previously I had been making them out of just plain cotton, so it is exciting to get to the real material and get this show on the road!

I am pretty happy to announce testers will be going out by the end of the year. I am working on them in the next three weeks and look forward to doing a lottery to choose testers. I have decided to send out 8 tester nappies!!!!!  4 of them will be random lucky testers and the other 4 will be ladies of my choice who are VERY experienced with MCNs.

It's exciting girls!  It is happening! And it feels so great to be creative again after just being mother (breast feeding, sleep deprivation, etc).  which is a serious art with its own as you all know! Now the job of finding the balance between artist and mother... I get the feeling there will be plenty of late nights ahead of me in the studio.

Thank god I have no man around to make more mess for me - Gee Whizz now THAT would just be another thing to juggle!


  1. this is one of the few proper unisex nappies around - well done Jerry :)
    x Steph J

    Definitly a cool nappy I would be happy to buy before bubs is born/conceived. Definitly boy or girl!!
    Great choice Red :)