Sunday, January 2, 2011

My card design!!!

I just love my business cards :)
They will be here in time for the Tasmanian Circus Festival (which I am just a tad excited about... OK, REALLY really excited about!!!!!!!)

I am going to have a stall, take samples of Bare Rumps nappies just to look at and get a feel of the nappies, hand out my cards, and talk cloth like the crazy cloth-bandit woman I am! (Look what motherhood has done to me! LOL)

I also have my Thank You cards coming (but I cannot show you them) - they are a special little something  just for YOU when you get your Bare Rumps nappies in the mail ;)


  1. <3 the cards and am sure you will be placing an order for extra cards sooner than you think, as you will use them up so quickly xx

  2. I ordered quite a few !!! I am so pleased you like the design , simple with a hint of antique :)