Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nappy fun!!!!

Tonight I am turning a few large nappies inside-out, it is like an early Christma !!! Being a cloth addict myself I am mega-excited! This is the fourth one I have unwrapped, and I had needed a cuppa just to calm down!!! Why am I selling this again?!?!?! LOL I neeeed this one...! NO there is some special baby girls name on it, and its not Paige's :)


  1. WAHOO! Only 12 more sleeps ..until March the 8th, counting the sleeps in eager anticipation of the launch of your nappies officially. It is going to be an incredible stocking and I bet you are excited too. xx

  2. I love, love love it.
    So glad I didn't have to wait :) x