Sunday, February 27, 2011

A pig of a machine... in a good way that is!

I want to blog and show you all my wonderful creations, but the stocking is sooo close now I will keep it a surprise.

7 or so mediums are ready for top stitching now. I have just ran out of basting spray, and also my marker pen has ran out of steam so its a trip down to the Spotlight in the morning.

Can you believe Stitch is at the doctors again???!!! (I can...) What's he getting this time? A spot of botox? Probably....!

So I have been given a replacement. He was born in 1930, it's very old and sounds like a hungry piggie. So I have called him Squealy Pig. What a dream he is!!!!!! I am having so much fun on this machine, it is so strong and solid I feel like nothing is going to get in my way this week. I am worried that when the doc calls me to come and pick up Stitch, I will choke on my tea!

*Note to self: make sure I am not drinking tea for any phone calls this week* I might kidnap squealy pig .....!

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