Sunday, February 13, 2011

Work in progress!

Been working on a few Dr. Seuss nappies tonight, as well as a boy's "life in miniature on planet earth" themed nappy. Here is a photo of it half way through its creation, as well as my current partner in crime  (my Janome). I am thinking of upgrading him though. Whilst he looks flash and is great for some things , but I need a brut of a machine (like an industrial ) if you know what I mean? I need big muscles - not a sewing machine that likes to wear hair gel! ;)


  1. LOL @ "sewing machine that likes to wear hair gel" !!!! ahahahahaha. pansy machine! :P
    that's a purrrrrdyyyy nappy!! :D

  2. LOL , it is !!! It has all the gadgets , kinda like going out dancing with a metro sexual :)