Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I did it!!!!

Well I survived the first stocking and my first 100 emails ;)

Bare Rumps store went live last night !!!!

There was a few hiccups with the website going live, but I got onto it with a phone call and was fixed in 20 minute. A problem I know how to correct for future stockings, and my poor web designer just gave birth a few days ago and here I am on the phone with her about my website - bless her!!!! BTW did I say you are my angel, Emma?

All in all it was a great success with what felt like a million eyes watching ;)

I even managed to bag up all the paypal deliveries and get a nice fresh brisk walk in the city at 2 in the morning with my basket of nappies!

No making nappies today- clearing up a few last emails, then watching a movie and having a *cough* "ME DAY!!!!!!" Yes! :D

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