Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bare Rumps HQ Saturday night blog-spot...

 Cloth enthusiasts!

So it's Saturday night and a quiet night under the BR Headquarters. All I can hear is the hum of the embroidery machine in the background. I wanted to be in the studio tonight pulling a few things together but my lightbulb blew in there late this arvo, so no point creating in the dark - instead I am downstairs hooping up a few embroidery designs.

The embroidery machine is going well so far! It took a few days to get all the correct layering/tension right, and now I am off and racing!

It's a wonderful feeling that I can hoop up a design /press a button and get on with my daily life! As many of you know I am a full-time sole parent, so most of my time is directed 100% on my daughter during the day, so to have the embroidery machine going on in the background - all I do is change threads... It's refreshing to say the least - it's not so much of a mad dash to the studio come my daughters sleep time. It means I get to work and be a mummy at the same time.

Now to the exciting news:  "Cloth Nappies are Fun" blog are having a gift give-away to all their followers once they hit 100, and guess what that prize is? A Bare Rumps nappy!

So head over to Cloth Nappies are Fun and follow their blog, and have a look around - details on how to win this nappy will be blogged by Cloth Nappy Love next week sometime, so cloth lovers keep your eyes peeled!

Other exciting news:

On the 1st of next month, Bare Rumps nappies will be attending a local art exhibit! Who would have ever thought a nappy would be making it to a gallery exhibit? Well there is a first for everything and I say they are little works of art!

This exhibition is to raise awareness for a very special section of old growth forest in the southlands of Tasmania that is currently under threat to old growth logging
Forestry Tasmania clear-fell the land leaving nothing behind besides a bunch of burning tree stumps and smoke. Any one that has witnessed a clear-fell before and after will never be the same - some of the most shocking images I have ever witnessed in my life.

Some of the trees in this valley here reach up at a incredible width and height, being 500+ years old, not to mention the habitat and surrounding eco-system that live in the area.

Tasmania: the "green state"... Questionable..!

Even though these days with motherhood I am so busy I do not have the time on the activist scene, this is how I can contribute. This is a cause I am passionate about and 100% of the money raised will go towards the campaign to help save these precious natural Tasmanian treasures.

More info. on the Weld Valley can be read here:  Weld Valley - Tasmania's natural treasure.

What am I creating for this exhibit, you might be wondering ?
I am thinking a TOAK unisex newborn set.

With the nature of the exhibit, a newborn baby conjures up the feeling for this land: fresh, sacred and just down-right precious!

Here are some prints I am thinking of working with:

Mind you they have not arrived from America yet!

The postie is taking his sweet time, and knowing me with exhibits it will be a mad-house all-nighter a few nights before the opening, so I will let him off the hook this time!

I will post photos on the night of the exhibit and you at home will have option to buy this set and pop a virtual Champagne with me at opening night :)

Well that's me in a nutshell tonight!
Jerry Red x


  1. Wow! Haven't you been BUSY!? Congratulations on the exhibition, how wonderful to be getting your work out there!

    I've headed with haste over to Cloth Nappies Are Fun, and am following their blog and FB page now... Wow their site is really good!

    Am totally loving the tree fabrics Jerry... we're going through a real "Love of Nature" phase here at home at the moment... Tyler is getting really into "trees" and lovingly stroking my Tree of Life glass fused pendant lately... Can't wait to see what you come up with out of those designs. <3 xoxo

  2. Thanks for sending a few people my way, and isn't that great about the exhibition! When you mentioned it last night, I thought it was an something you visited, but exhibiting nappies at an art gallery... That's fantastic!