Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Have a Bare Rumps nappy at home? Want in on my co-op?

I think its about time for you all to get snapping photos of all the gorgeous Bare Rumps babies out there! Photo Competition Time!!!! The winning photo as I see fit, will be invited into my private co-op that is happening at this very minute. The winner secures a spot for two custom nappies, I am having a blast with this co-op so you will not be disappointed. This is the last final invite into the co-op, and will have it wrapped up by the end of the year.

Mother and photography enthusiast - Desiree.

Here is how it works:

 1. Take a 'artistic' photo of your child / children in a Bare Rumps that you have nabbed, or bought second hand.  Go wild with your creativity! It can be just the quality of the photo, baby in a great background, dress ups, what ever you heart imagines... There really is no limitation here except that it's 2 photos per entry.

2. Up load it to my Facebook Page
Please keep in mind I have to have permission to use your image for the Bare Rumps Website. Then please email me the image in high quality to barerumps@hotmail.com as well as uploading it to Facebook, as the resolution quality drops dramatically when uploaded and compressed by Facebook and I cannot use Facebook images alone .  

3. I will then pick one photo that I see fit to be the winner. If there are a few that are equal in quality in my view then I will pick the best 3 photos I see fit. These three will then be entered into random.org and one number out of the three selected to be invited into my co-op. 

I am opening it up from today for 4 weeks to get your entries in. Entry closes on the 14th of OCTOBER. 

Its always the most rewarding part about making the nappies, seeing them home with their owners, nice and snug and doing their job. 

Happy snapping every one!! 

I cannot wait to see some creative play!!

- Jerry Red x 

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