Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ocean girl.

On a more personal note.....

I love the ocean.

Flaming-haired beauty,

                   Double sided,
                                         flip a coin,
                                                           black and white,
                                                                                      calm waters,

We enter the food chain when we emerge ourselves in her beauty. I guess thats the risk we take to dip our humanly bodies into her often refreshing moment of exhale.

The tropical blue, silent waters, of the martini drenched lagoon I once visited, versus the wild, dark winded, tightly woollen-bound open ocean crossing between Tasmania and Melbourne. The vast difference from one body of water.

The extreme flip of the coin is very much a metaphor, reflection of life and what it can throw at us. Because even when you plan life to its very "T", the power of the unexpected can arise at any given moment. The only real power is now.

It feeds us, it has fed my inspiration my whole life, A wise woman once said, "Jerry...birth, life, and death are like the rolling waves in the ocean... They just keep rolling"...... I knew that moment looking into her watery light blue eyes that she was right, And from that moment onwards, the thought of death is a little less fearful.

I was born in a hospital in W.A, and at one week old I was taken onto my birth fathers hand crafted wooden boat, where we spent time travelling around Australia for three years.

My youngest memories are of the smell of the water soaked wood, and the image of the whales and dolphins that were hand carved into my crib that was built into the boat.

True "Pirate style", he sailed away once we hit land three years after the journey started - never to be seen again to this day.

I wear this to remind my self of my past, and my love of the deep blue sea. I wear it every moment of every day, and hopefully Paige will do the same when it is passed to her as a gift.

So to receive two requests of the ocean theme Bare Rumps nappies to be made within a space of a week, there was no hesitation to get cracking in the studio.

Must be a day for reflection, chitter chatter, and to make nappy creations to share with you.

So if you snag a custom spot that will be coming up early next year via my website - heads up! I love a water theme :)

- Jerry Red x

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