Friday, October 28, 2011

Tie Dye!

You might have caught wind of the exciting update yesterday of my new exclusive contract with a tie dye artist, I flashed around a few photos last night on my fan page, and today I am quite cooped up inside dealing a tummy bug, so I decided to muster up the strength to take some photos of my parcel that arrived yesterday and put a blog together! One is never too sick to blog, right!?!

I am so over the moon to have secured this exclusive contract. It means this will stay unique to Bare Rumps and only be offered to my creations in the whole of Australia! In a world of fashionable bottom covers I think its very important to regain your very own sense of style, and sometimes that means getting a contract! *Slaps hand on the table!* 

This bamboo velour is straight out of the washing machine and has not been through the tumble dryer, hence the lines are a little rough looking, also a few tips below to keep your velour looking in tip top condition on your nappies:

1 - Wash it no higher than 40 degrees C - this will retain the life spand of your velour for looking fluffy, by all means give them a good 60 degree C wash every 3 weeks as well, to keep your nappies in a top anti fungal/ bacterial state.

2 - The key to fluffy bamboo velour is to hang your nappies to dry like normal, then when they are nearly dry, finish them off in the dryer on the lowest heat setting!! This will bring them back a fluffy yummy state and you will not have hard velour. 

So... Here is a little show of photos of Bare Rumps exclusive velour. This will be available for inners for your customs, and it does have a higher surcharge than my normal dye work that myself and a lady in WA helps me do, as the artist in question's fees for this new velour are quite high, which in turn reflects on the current pricing for this bamboo.

Isn't it nice though to be able to have a choice of what bamboo velour you are after? This is the first time this artist has worked with Bamboo velour, and assures me that the next batch will be even better, with every new canvas medium it takes a few goes to perfect it, to alignment with their current work. EEEK!! EXCITING! 

I cannot wait to get my hands on the next batch!!! 

On the nappy front, I am getting back to the end of my co-op I am working on at the moment - yes there is around 40 people on the list (18 nappies to go ) and yes they are all asking for some pretty detailed customs, so it's been slow going, but very enjoyable. It's been lovely making nappies for the people I care about, and the co-op will be finished by the end of the year. 

I am also working on an extreme custom, which I am itching to get started on!! Might get in the studio this arvo if I am feeling better, as I can see this custom as clear as daylight and am going to have a blast doing so. I have been asked for a sea theme! WOOT! WOOT! MY FAVE!!! 

Sadly due to the sickness that both Paige and I are currently experiencing I have not been able to get to start working on the Auction item as yet. I think this bug will pass very soon and some majick created some time over the weekend, maybe even tonight. 

Next year is really when the action will start. After Feb 1st. I will be listing customs quite often and will continue to through the year 2012, that's if the world does not end right!?! :P

Until then it's catching up on prior engagements. Oh I might squeeze out one more small stocking  by the end of the year also if my single motherhood super powers presents themselves right! :) 

- Jerry Red x 

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