Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Seemed to have dropped of the blog hot spot.

I have!

You see I have been doing a bit of thinking at late, as to the surrounding emotion on why I am reluctant to pour my journey out via my blog posts.
 Lets face it I am not blogging much these days.

Well bingo.

I know why.

Now it seems to be that because BR has all of a sudden over night exploded, now more than ever I am finding my self being very conscious that lots (well allot more) people are reading my blog!!

At times I am not the best 'formal' writer.
Nor the best speller, and not exactly a A grade student at grammar.

To be honest, during english in my younger yrs I was to busy day dreaming and writing in my diary while grieving the loss of my mother early to really focus on letters of the english dictionary.
 A formula, a right or wrong way, bla bla bla.

 I am a creative writer, I am a artist, I am a busy mother, I am not perfect.

I am just going to be me, I write fast, live fast, I am not going to stop now, because of possible belittlement and cast judgement due to a few spelling errors and also feel like I have to sensor my self.
 I am also very self conscious of my writing.
I have been hurt in the past, and I am working through that.
  I said it...THAT AND INSTAGRAM! I am loving that social media of sharing, via images. I am beeming images from the studio straight from me good old iPhone into cyber, so if your on, check it out, find me from- barerumps_jerry_paige 
And hash tag all the things!! So yeah, being a tad overwhelemed, and finding my love for instagram had left me not using my blog as a personal as I use to.

BR is my creative outlet, and whilst yes it is a business, which I have a hat for, I also have many hats I like to wear....


Getting to the point of my blog.

I am going to keep blogging!
More personal stuff, me and Paige, and the studio updates again.

But this time.... I am not going to link them onto my FB business wall opening up a traffic line off hits.
They are just going to sit on the blog, and if people stumble across my entries and want to read them, than wicked!!

Here are some extremes I have been working on the last two weeks, have heaps to go, just bum down, head up in the studio, making sure to feed the magic monkey.

I am working towards a big deadline, and pushing my self energetic wise to get it done on time.

I have allot to write!
 But I need to get down stairs, and start sewing.

Well that was a bucked full of eye candy eh! ;)


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