Saturday, November 3, 2012

Great barrier reef

Made this lovely reef inspired nappy last night, I just love that little fella!
I have had the most busy day today, pool, shopping, cleaning, washing, the list goes on! Just one of them weekends, might be looking at cracking a corona and sitting in the sun a bit before I possibly cracking itty bitty pieces! Do not fear...I actually crack all the time, I am just good at putting the pieces back together, it's called unicorn glue.

If you do not have any.
Get some.

 Looking forward to designing Alice in wonderland this arvo, feel it's going to be a late night/early morning ahead, it is a design I have always wanted to sink my horn into,  having been without a computer last few days, (the cats chewed through my cord to my laptop) has left me feeling.....Dot Dot Dot.....!!!


Even though Saturdays are really busy, they are my fav day of the week, something good in the air, it's almost as if I got a whiff of unicorn poop on repeat.

Wish every day was a Sat.

-JR x

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