Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ruffles are a girls best friend!

As soon as my daughter went to bed tonight I was in the studio. I worked on some boy stuff last night - but tonight its all about the girls!
Here is a little sneaky peek! :) 

It is really great because I am able to still work on the outers of the nappies on the next month or so (whilst the testers are out) rather than making complete nappies, however having a pretty fail-proof pattern like Fattycakes, I am very confident that the studio will be full steam ahead pretty soon!


  1. Looking great! You are going to be sold out :D

  2. I LOVE your work you clever girl and I agree, you will be sold out!!!

  3. nawww thanks girls :) I am sure If you girls will be at the stockings it will be a sell out :P :)

    thanks heaps for the support , I love it when people comment on my blog :)

    ( it does not happen as much as FB :S )