Friday, February 18, 2011

Bare Rumps giveaway time!!!!!!

See this nappy here???? Well it could be yours!!! It is a Medium fitting (6.5 - 13kg) micro-fleece inner with a snap-in booster. This is a OOAK nappy! I just love this one and I know you will too! :)

Here is how it is going to work:

If you read down a few posts you will see my talking about my sewing machine. Well - he really needs a name!!!!! I am stuck for a good name for him, it needs to suit his personality which is:
He looks good (speaks for itself) 
He talks like a gentleman , wears cologne and hair gel (a quiet machine with bonus coconut smelling handy oil) 
He knows how to dance on the dance floor (flash stitch-work!) 
He is easy to talk to (easy to sew with) 

There are a few down falls to having such a flash digital sewing machine (NOT TOUGH ENOUGH!!!!!) and YES ... guess where he is now ?!?! At the "dentists" getting his teeth whitened! * rolls eyes*

Don't you worry ladies? Do you think I need a more manly machine?  Bruce the brunt of a machine (the industrial) is on his way home some time soon ... there is no way I could only live with ......... ?!?! Let's just call him "Janome" for now... but I do love him!! I just need two men - oh sorry I mean sewing machines - in my life for this project of making your babies' nappies!!!!!

Simply right down the name YOU think my sewing machine should be called!!!! 

Please write the name of the sewing machine in the post below.

If you login as anonymous, please simply right your full name down in the post as well so I can give a shout out via Face book if your name is chosen. Or better still, sign-in and start following blogs and get the blog bug!!!! 

I am going to leave it open for ONE week, so this time next week I will be drawing one winner with the best name I see fit for my sewing machine. This is a free prize - all I ask is that you pay postage . 

I would LOVE to get to 600 fans before the 1st of March and also would love to have more bloggers follow my blog as well because as my followers know - anyone that wants to see the process of nappy making. the Bare Rumps blog is the place to be. I love blogging and sharing the creative process with you!

Please spread the word about this fantastic giveaway. I would be really happy to hit 600 before my first stocking.


Double-click on the image of the nappy to make it larger, if you feel like "drooling" over him just that tad more :) 

IF any one is having problems commenting here PLEASE head over to my FB page and in the discussions there is a thread for you to put your answers as well.

I moderate comments here so if you do not see your comment come up straight away, do not fret - I can assure you it is on its way to being moderated and posted :) 

Jerry Red xxx


  1. lovely nappy!
    I think his name should be Hugh.
    (2 dashing Hughs - Hugh Jackman, Hugh Grant) :p
    - Becka H

  2. I just got the giggles thinking about that scene in over the hedge when they find the hedge and don't know what it is "I shall call him Steve... he's not so scary when I call him Steve"... So my vote for your sexy machine is Steve lol

  3. Jean-Claude (van Damme)

    good looking
    got some great moves albeit martial arts :P
    i could listen to him all day :P

  4. oh that nappy is devine!! I'm in love :-)

    as for a name, well... looks good, can dance, good to talk to and smells nice - gotta be Patrick after Patrick Swayze ;-)

    - Tmeeka F.

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  6. oh, this nappy is amazing!

    I vote for Mr Suave.

    Kalynda Madge

  7. i think his name should be stitch!! :p
    he's such a pansy like stitch, yet he gets the job done (with only a little fuss!) and is almost as 'cute' as stitch! :D
    (i'm talking lilo & stitch btw LOL)

    orrr, if you want a more manly name...
    Danny. (after the grease ball from grease LOL!)
    He uses hair gel (too much of it!) is good looking, has smooooooooooooooooth moves, probably smells good (can't tell, it's a movie! ahaha) and has a lot of deep dark issues...

  8. Gorgeous Nappy!

    I think his name should be Ernest! Classy and a bit suave to boot. Could twirl you round the dance floor and looks and smells divine in his top hat and tails (Old School Style) ;0P

    Sarah Hollands :0)

  9. I think you should call him Justin (after Justin Beiber (sp?)) because lets the Biebs drives us all insane but you can't help but admire him just a little, he really is good at what he does.
    He looks good ( for an infant )
    He talks like a gentleman ,wears man perfume and hair gel ( I would assume anyway ;) )
    knows how to dance on the dance floor ( that is how he got signed )
    easy to talk to ( easy to listen to )

    Bebe Abbott :)

  10. James........No really story other than James the Janome sounds cool and it's my sons name and he is machine :)
    Colleen K

  11. Slick, smooth and very high maintenance is that man of yours!
    Salvatore aka Salvi the sewing machine, fits perfectly! It's spanish for saviour, could he be yours??
    -Jo Worsley
    PS. The nappy is stunning!

  12. Love the nappy Great work Jerry!!!

    So When I read what you wrote all I could think of was Gorge, Gorge Clooney :D mmmmmmm mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm Everything you said plus more :) hehehehehe and wouldn't just just love to plug him in amd Turn him on? :D hehehehehe

    Erin Russell xxx :D

  13. The name that came to mind while reading your description was Sebastian :) fits your new mr to a T :)

    Dominique Thurlow

  14. I think you should call him Mr Darcy, after the character from jane austens pride and prejudice and bridget jones diary, he's handsome and mysterious, a good dancer and allthough not so easy to talk to at first, he turns out to be delightful, plus collin firth's a bit of allright too :o)~

    Emily Childs

  15. Hi, how about naming him 'Sew McDeamy' lol.

    the way you described him I have that Pierce Brosnan James Bond voice in my head lol But the 'grey's anaotomy' McDreamy sticks in my head too so i'm going with that. Plus he needs a first name :) it even sounds good in a sentence,
    Sew McDreamy is sooooo dreamy to sew with lol

    Amanda Thompson
    (my google name is Lucy its my nickname, don't ask lol....)

  16. I think he sounds like a Roger...very metrosexual lol

  17. Damn!! I was totally going to go the Darcy angle :-) your description was perfect!

    In that case I'm going to say I hope he's a bit more like a Mr Bingley.

    Lovable from the word go. Not someone you have to warm to ;-)

  18. I think He sounds like...

    "Bond.... Janome Bond"

    And I cant choose between Sean Connery and Peirce Brosnan for my favourite Mr. Bond..

    You could always just call him Mr. Bond.... :-D

    ps Bruce for your other one is awesome! My Aussie beater of a car is Bruce! :-D

  19. Stunning Nappy!!
    Will definitely be around for your stocking!

    As for a name.... well, i too was going to say James (as in bond)- but that has already been mentioned... so I'm going to have to go with:

    JAMES BROWN - Sew (Sex) Machine!

    Hayley Feighan

  20. Or Sexy Sew Machine..... :P

  21. Your description sounds like my son, who's name is Stanley.
    Even if you don't name your sewing machine "Stanley" I am going to refer to him as Stanley. Hehehe :)

  22. What a great nappy. You are so talented - wish I had the time and patience. Now I think he should be called Fabio - all oily with coconut oil and rather handsome!

    Rebecca O'Neil

  23. Its the year of William and Kate..

    And while were not in England,or at least im not...
    Its still a big event the world will stop to watch... and because its a boys mcn give away...

    Im going to call your machine "Sir Willis The Great" (or Willy for short)

    That is all
    *does a royal wave*
    Tegan E K Christensen(sorry not a blogger)

  24. That just screams for a Mr. BIG from SATC !!!! Handsome, charming, sexy, mysterious, .... *dreamer*....
    Mr Big, Mr Big, Mr Big.... ;-)

    Yvonne Gariano (FB)

  25. haha Sabrina I was thinking of Bond :)

    but Bond is tough so maybe Clive - that's a gentlemanish name and sounds like someone who isn't very tough

    ooh or how about Ralf - it means crafty and it sounds like a gentleman's name

  26. i love marcus its classy and sophisticated but not so brash that it cant be hurt

    cindee hammond (FB)

  27. I'm gonna have to go with... Francisco!
    It's suave, sexy and fun to say :)

    Eri Cutler

  28. Ooops! Erin Cutler, not Eri

  29. Rockin' nappy Jerry!

    I think Antonio, especially if he knows how to both listen and Salsa!

    (I'm also a fan of the name Bruce- our ute has the same name :-))

  30. my name has been taken!! hmmmmm ok lets see

    how about 'M2C1'

    Measure twice, Cut once

    Guinevere wolf

  31. Squid squiddy fb nameFebruary 18, 2011 at 9:03 PM

    ill say Orlando,

    btw its "squid squiddy" here

  32. I think Max

    Just coz ;)

    ~ Tam Ilic ~

  33. I think Johnny, cos who wouldn't want to sit down with Johnny Depp and get busy??? hehehe

    Amy S :)

  34. I was going to go the Mr Darcy angle too!... But seeing as my daughter is named after Scarlett O'Hara (from Gone With the Wind), I will go with... Rhett. Rhett Butler is a smooooth talking southern gentleman, he definitely looks good (played by Clarke Gable in the movie), I'm sure he smells great, and definitely knows how to dance.

    Crystal Smith (FB)

  35. the fonz(fonzie) from happy days, i think that name fits your machine down to a T

    He looks good ( speaks for its self )
    He talks like a gentleman ,wears man perfume and hair gel ( quiet machine with bonus coconut smelling handy oil )
    knows how to dance on the dance floor (flash stitch work )
    easy to talk to ( easy to sew with)

    Mel 'mcn' Winton (fb name)

  36. sharon doran fb
    Smooth Operator

  37. Rhett (from Gone with the wind)...quite frankly my dear, I don't give a darn...(as in poor attempt at humour)....LOVE LOVE LOVE the nappy

  38. whoops left out my email...

    I don't give a darn comment...

  39. I think he should be called ELIAS... 1846 Elias Howe patented the first practical sewing machine..His brain labored and his hands toiled to develop and perfect his invention; and there it was that, early in the month of April 1845, after five years of unremitting toil and ceaseless devotion to the task, the first Automatic Sewing Machine was constructed and finished for practical operation.

  40. OMG that nappy is awesome i am guitar nappy obsessed and that would top my stash off....
    i think that the name WOODROW would suit the sewing know off one of the simpsons episodes where he says "my names woodrow i like poetry and long walks on the beach"....

    Ally Warby

  41. He is classy and Suave. Definately tall, dark and handsome.

    I think you should call him Stefan.

    Jade Challis

  42. "Sinatra" as in Frank Sinatra....he was a suave fella back in the day. He looked alright (I think), He was a gentleman (I think!), He could dance and he doesn't just 'talk' to you, he serenades you : )

    Carla Britten (FB)

  43. I think his name should be EDWARD becuase he looks good, speaks like a gentleman, has a distinctive smell, wears hair gel, knows how to dance and is easy to talk to :)

    I LOVE the nappy! Gorgeous.

    Heidi Keehan

  44. Jamone Jamin!!

    Tamara McCallum

  45. Sounds like an old time movie star to me...but which one?

    Clark Gable?

    Or maybe you should just call him Fred - he could certainly dance.

    Leonie MacDonald

  46. I just have to have this nappy!!!!!!

    Fred - after Fred Astaire

    FB - Amanda Petersen

  47. Imagine Pierce Brosnan mixed with the sleek music of Kenny G (well just don't think about him LOL)...i shall call him Pierce G :D
    ~Rita H

  48. That is more then a nappy. It is a work of art. Like all of your work that I have seen. For that reason I think he should be called Arthur. Or Arty/ Artie for short. It is a strong name but also makes me think of Glenn Robbins' character "Uncle Arthur". He wore lots of gel with his hair to the side and well wasn't the most manly of men. He would have had a few trips to the doctors too. Although I am sure he smelt anything but like coconut.

    Failing that I have found
    Cullen - good looking lad, handsome.

    Kenneth - Fire-born, good looking. Handsome and fair.

    Gilman/ Gillman - Manservent.

    Goodluck finding a name for one of the men in your life. If the 2 of you keep churning out beautiful work like that then it is going to turn out to be a wonderful relationship.

    Cass Wilkinson (facebook)

  49. What a stunning nappy! I have spent the day admiring ruffly bum girly nappies and lamenting not having a girly bum to put them on.

    Sounds like a Julio to me - after his teeth whitening he'll probably want a manicure :)

    There's a lot of clever names, good luck with the decision making :)

    Elisa Lindsay (FB)

  50. Ok when I first read your description I thought of "Travolta" after John Travolta.

    But also thinking about it more I also have another suggestion which doesn't really fit to how you feel about your machine.

    My other suggestion is "Picaso"the reason for this is because when I think of your nappies and the designs on them they make me think of Picaso as Picaso's art work was so different and original for his era as how I see your nappies.

    Kaelee Peace

  51. Cha!!!!
    That's a given baby!!

    Marlon Brando!!!

    Check the link - a freakin spunk from waaaaay back :)

    Or of course there is that totes sexy man who rocks any look and certainly loves to have white teeth - Brad - aka Brad Pitt
    mmmmmm delicious!!

    Love the nappy - def what i am looking for ;)

    Meg Brando Brander (>_<)

  52. Romeo!

    A gentle,well groomed man, capable of romancing us all(with his beautiful creations and smooth moves). He may not be the toughest guy around but he is determined and eager to please and succeed. :)

    Lisa Singh

  53. stitches would be an awesome name for your sewing machine

  54. Don Quichotte.

    Older gentleman with a strong heart. Fights competition (the new machine) for his love (you) by fulfilling the task she has put upon him. (Stitching many nappies).

    When he has finally fulfilled his task, he comes home to be told he's still never good enough for her. She has found a better man (Bruce)

  55. Sounds like a Fabio to me :)

    Love the nappy!!

    Anne-Marie Cameron

  56. Love this Nappy.

    Seen as Mr Dracey, Mr Big and Bond have all been said I will go with Hunter. My little boys name as he is everything as described.

    Caitlin C

  57. Definately Ernie - so that he earns his keep and continues to earn money for you!

    Casey S

  58. I was going to say McDreamy, thinking of Greys Anatomy but as that has been taken I am thinking HAMISH would be a good name, sounds gentle but manly :)

    Prue Abel

  59. wilfred for sure.. just cause... :)
    Anita casey.. Neets muller xxx

  60. thats one awesome rockin nappy would love to see it on my boy...

    how about the name
    has a firey sound to it...

    (jasmin Cave)

  61. As soon as i heard 'his' description, i automatically thought of Danny, from Grease!
    Steph Ellis xx

  62. I think he's a Richard. Like Richard Gere. Or when he's misbehaving you can call him Dick (Head).

    Louise Moore

  63. I love love this :)
    I think you should call him Phillippe (after Ryan Phillippe) and because it is a strong name but not too butch that he won't sew lovely ruffley nappies :)

  64. David - as in David Beckham. Strong, talented, sexy, always smells good (well you should when you have yourn perfume line) but oh so interested in the perfect hairdo and we've all see David Beckham sporting a manicure before.
    Evelynne Bush :-)

  65. Sheldon aka (Jim Parsons) from The Big Bang Theory like your sewing machine - once you get him going he never stops, full of surprises and oh so precise, will always be loyal and be sure to impress. You will spend many fun filled nights arguing about the hypothetical relationship that exist between you and your Thinkatorium! BAZINGA!

    Expensive F'kin Toosh (FACEBOOK) aka Kylie

  66. Shakespeare - what a man! Arty and romantic. When you get really familiar with him, you can start calling him 'shakes'.

    ClothMumma (FB) Erin

  67. ELVIS - the King of your two machines lol (sorry Bruce)

    Stunning looks, dance moves to die for, and sauvest guy around!!

    All the best with your new venture!!
    Shay Thetford

  68. No more posts please , the comp is now closed .