Thursday, February 17, 2011

Large nappies ready for sewing

Here is a bunch of large nappies in the making. I put together all the layers yesterday - look at them sitting there waiting quietly to bond with my metro-boy sewing machine! ;)

 I made quite a few larges as I thought this might be the size for the majority of my nappy addict mummy nabbers!!
Today I am busy cutting out PUL for medium size nappies in the studio. The rain is here after a few hot days and to be honest I am loving it!!!

I just love moody, overcast days. I love scarves and drinking hot chocolate - so I must say it's a fine day to listen to some music, pull out the rotary cutter, open the window and smell the rain .

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  1. here i am commenting...the website looks wonderful..much like these wonderful nappies you've been whipping up xx