Thursday, April 14, 2011

Camera craft on Bare Rumps craft.

 Showing you that all my ruffles are double-lined with quilters cotton  ^  great for the longevity of ruffles...

  Ultra plush long haired minki - this stuff is amazing and divine just on its own!  ^

Always matching material  ^  

I am snapping a few nappies today whilst watching "Toy Story 3" in the background... I love "Toy Story"!!! My hand is killing me though. There really is only a certain amount you can do before you have to move onto something else, so this arvo I think I may pull out some material and do some colour matching...

Waiting for my tear-away to get here before I attempt any boy nappies. I have about 15 on the table presently, freshly snapped waiting to be sewn up!

Hope you are all having a great day. It's been 4 days of constant raining here - crazy!

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