Monday, April 18, 2011

The lights in every ones hearts...

Has any one seen an Aurora? It is the Southern Lights that happen over the Antarctic waters. Auroras are caused by massive boosts of energy generated via explosions from the sun. The particles then travel through space and hit our atmosphere, the gravity of our planet naturally draws the energy towards the Northern and Southern poles, and colours are caused by the chemical make-up from the particles reacting with the chemical make-up of our own atmosphere. Either that, or it's just plain magic! ;)   Incredible our planet ..... yes .......

Living in Hobart I am very lucky to have witnessed some spectacular Auroras in my life, being so close to Antartica.

I remember one that was so intense... so beautiful... so breathtakingly stunning! We pulled our bed onto the grass and watched nature's best show unfold above us. The lights flicked vivid fluorescent colours above us for hours until the sun rose the next morning.

Having been working with such yummy bright hand-dyed bamboo at late has really got me thinking of Auroras, and the power of colour and the sacredness and power of this planet.

For a moment it takes us out of the thoughts of things in our lives we worry about, and have a moment to reflect on the power of nature; to realise just how special each and every one of us are.

We are all born from nature and as humans we should strive to protect the foundation of our mothers, and our mother's mothers - yes, Mother Earth is who I am referring to...

Let's all take a moment to breath her air in!

Here is a taster of what I am working on today , a large boys TOAK for the next stocking , the aurora night sky flickers its lights over a full moon Hobart night .


Machine hand guided satin stitch, hand dyed bamboo Velour , quilter cotton threads.
Tasmanian owls having a hoot of a time under natures most devine  and natural show .
I think we all have a bit of a aurora in our hearts , Lets let it shine even brighter .

Jerry Red xx

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