Sunday, April 3, 2011

Closing the studio door for 5 days...

Well the three week's of work I have been doing in the studio for your babies is all wrapped up!

It's been a very bright few weeks in the studio with multi-coloured fluff everywhere!!!

Now it's the exciting time of previews of stock in a few days via my webpage getting ready for stock to go live on the 7th. I am excited to see what comes out of the next year and I have heaps of ideas that I have only touched base on - and yes - I am still buying nappies! *Gah!* from other amazing creative WAHMs. Paige's stash is looking quite glorious these days, I do not know if the bug of buying cloth will ever end - I guess it will have to wrap up soon once my angel starts to "TT" *sniff sniff*...

I am in constant evolution mode with my own path and my creations and feel very lucky that I can share a part of my creative-self with my wonderful fans.

Here is a naughty sneak preview of one nappy for sale on the 7th of April...
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, fellow cloth enthusiasts!

Jerry Red xx

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  1. You have outdone yourself again chick xx

    Just gorgeous!