Saturday, April 9, 2011

Photo competition photos

Here is a list of all the photos for the photo competition below. Only images that were emailed to me can go in to be published on the website, and used in the competition as with Facebook images the quality is significantly reduced, and the images are impossible to use from the Facebook page.

I will draw a winner on the 11th. There are soooo many good ones and it is going to take a bit of a team to help me pick I think as I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!

By the way - the 2nd stocking a few nights ago was a great success! All the nappies sold out besides two newborn ones in four red hot minutes!!!! Gee you ladies are like lightning!!! Those fingers must have done some serious yoga that morning to be able to have them so limbered up in preparation!!!! :P

I have some exciting things coming up for the next stocking, and will blog sneak peeks throughout the month for a small exchange of chocolate bars... You heard me right folks! I will be inboxing you all with my address, pronto! ;)

Here are all the divine entries in (no structured order) below:

Amanda Carson - Kasandra, 6mths: a Bare Rumps baker with all those rolls!

Manda Tongue -Tiaan - My 'Raving Hippy' ♥

Stevie Dyer - Bare Rumps "goes bush".

Miss Neets-Muller - I would reach as high as I could to get my hands on a Bare Rumps nappy! They are so comfy, even my teddy bear likes to wear them!

 Oskar critiquing his favourites!

 Tess  - "A very hungry Theo-pillar"

 Emma Boyce - Dream a Bare Rumps nappy 

 Gemma Spiers Ruby 6 months - Sleeping on the job, Mum!

Ella Jakeman -Miss Sebella in her "Circus On a Summer Day" Nappy ♥ ♥ ♥

Kaelee MCN - Kyah in her "Hoot Hoot" Bare Rumps nappy.

Leelee Biever (^^^) a.k.a - "Sharkie" - With sleeping mini-froggy

Melinda Biever- a.k.a "smelly hippy" ("nice" smelly that is!) - (^^^) - with gorgeous Reilly

Elsie Lynham - divine sleeping boy 

As you can see there are many amazing entries - the ladies really did get there creative hats on, and I cannot thank you enough!!!!!

Jerry Red xx


  1. (^^^) !!!!! LOL.
    all such beautiful bubbas!!! >.<

  2. awwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!

  3. Stevie wins for me!! love those gumboots and hat <3