Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Art Gallery Auction item.

This Bare Rumps auction item below will be going up for a 24 hour auction starting at 6:00pm this Wednesday night.

One photo will be uploaded to my Facebook fan page and bidding will start there.

Of all the money raised a '100% donation' will go to the Huon Valley Environment Weld Valley Fund bucket to help save this incredible high environmental conservation area that is currently under threat with old growth logging.

Now I had some fun making this nappy - there is 12 hours of work! I dedicated yesterday to this project, an incredible amount of hand guided satin-stitch has been done on this nappy. Such sittings are a rare occasion in the Bare Rumps HQ, so the winner has something very special.

Oh and yes this must be a OOAK ;)

I drew inspiration from the wild river that runs through this valley.

Find more about the exhibit here - Black Sassy Collective
More details about this incredible forest -Weld Valley
View some of last year's work - A taste of last year's work

 I hope it is well received in the cloth community.
Happy bidding! 
Jerry Red x


  1. Oh my gosh Jerry you've outdone yourself yet again! It's amazing!!

  2. That would have to be the most beautiful nappy I've ever seen. It will be a hit at the exhibition.