Monday, June 13, 2011

Bare Rumps competition photos.

Again this month I am blown away by the creative nature of all of the entries. A big thank you to all of you that went to the effort - the results are outstanding. 

I will have to call on a team for this one once again, and announce the winner in a few days time!

The studio will be fired up again very soon, within the next few weeks you will see some exciting stock being put up for sale via my website.

The auction item for the 'Weld Echo' was a smashing success and raised $210 to a wonderful cause - a personal thank you to Chloe who was the highest bidder.

Below are the photo competition entries in no structured order:  

                                 Stef- Arleigh, my hippy baby, in her Bare Rumps 'Hippy Hippy Shake' ♥

                                                   Arleigh, with her gorgeous Bare Rump's on ♥

                                        Jenna Wright - Charlotte-grace 4 weeks old snoozin in her Bare Rumps.


                                            Sarah Jane - Baby Nathan - 3 months old in his Bare Rumps.

                                                Desiree - With her beautiful daughter 

                                      Heidi Van Venrooy - With her son Raffi 

                                  Kass - My princess Abigail 2 weeks old :)

                            Joanna Symonds -  With her son Craig

                                 Kirst - with Our Gorgeous New Bare Rumps

Thank you again to all the effort for this month!!! I am pretty sure I have every one included, but if I have missed any just shoot me a message! 

Sadly it will be the last stocking photo competition for a bit until I find the time for regular stockings again. They will resume sometime in the near future.

Until then be on the look out for links to random stock on my website via my Facebook page.

Also on another note -

Running at the moment is a competition at - BAA (Bloomer Addicts Anon.)  via Facebook. It's nice to see a few Bare Rumps nappies making a appearance!

The winner of last month photo for the Bare Rumps competition was Ella and her beautiful daughter  Tigerlily - please get voting for this wonderful and well deserved photo! 

Jerry Red x 

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