Saturday, May 14, 2011

Entries for the "Bare Rumps Babies: Photo Competition 2".

Below are listed the entries in the photo competition. There was yet again some very creative work at play and such a gorgeous bunch of babies. Listed in no particular order below:

                                Shay - "With a Bare Rumps on, I always feel creative" - (River)

                                      Ahoy there me ♥hearties....♥ it's River in his pirate BareRumps!

                                                    Manda Tongue- OOAK Around the World on a Rainbow ♥

                                  Ella Jakeman - little tiger in her 'ballet please mummy' bare rumps ♥

                                                                easter fluffy goodness

                                        Nyssa Matthews  -  'Give a big smile for Jerry!'

                                                    Naomi Fair - With Liam at the park . 

Alex McGowan -  Bare Rumps always stands out in a crowd . 

As you can see they are all divine! I will need to call on a team to pick a winner and I will let you know in a few days time. Thank you to all the entries - what a fantastic effort yet again. Bare Rumps photo competition 3 is now officially open for nappies from the last stocking, find the details here: for the fantastic prize and info.

On the home front, Winter has set in overnight: it is fresh and moody out side, and I can guarantee a fresh bucket-load of snow fell on the mountain last night!

  By the looks of the cloud patterns out side, the weather will show us what Tasmania is famous for -  glorious sunshine in Winter with crisp air.

I will see the odd car getting around town today with snowmen with carrots for noses,  built on the front bonnet of their car. They drive around thinking they are really trendy - must be a Tassie thing, it's quite amusing, and great fun for the kids! :)

 Inside is full of warmth, colour and music. Paige and I have our Saturday morning cuddles and giggles, then a spot of dancing session to Rage. Gotta love the lazy Saturday mornings.

 I was up very late last night playing with my new embroidery machine, wasting allot of minki and then wasting a little bit more! But I have to learn somehow, and I enjoy the beginning process.

Hope you are all having a relaxing yummy Saturday morning connecting with your families.

Jerry Red xx


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