Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Entries for photo competition end tonight at Midnight!

Well! What a smashing 3rd stocking! It ran smooth, fast and furious. 8 minutes later and I was completely out of stock! Gee, there are some quick fingers out there! I think the mini-hunt would have been a fun idea to participate in as well, and I hope you enjoyed the clues.

 Now to mention the kind heartedness of the winner  for the auction items. It was very heart warming to know the winner has quite a few of Bare Rumps nappies, so she is well aware of their performance and quality and sees the time that goes in making these auction items. You know the saying "give the woman what she wants"?Well I think the winner had this in mind!

The last of the nappies are being packed up today while Paige sleeps, then I am giving the studio a good once over and spring-clean tonight from it's month of late night cutting and sewing storming.

As you all know from my post, I am heading West to catch up with some family and the 4th stocking will be postponed. It has been on the cards for many months and has finally come to fruition, which is exciting!

There are some wonderful things coming up for Bare Rumps. I have been working on a few side projects that I look forwards to collaborating with. In the meantime, I am having a break to focus on the most important thing in the world...  Family...!

Its the 11th today and the entries for the photo competition end tonight at Midnight, so please get them in before this time to be in for the running for a free custom nappy and free post valued at  $63.80. Stay tuned in a few days for a blog for all the entries.

Here is a little package that arrived yesterday!

I have been working on my new blog lay-out, too!
A touch of prettiness!

Jerry Red x 

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