Monday, August 1, 2011

1000 fan prize.

I went on a journey making this nappy and had a blast in the process. It makes the experience of sewing nappies so much special when the meaning behind the cloth plays at hand, this nappy is a keeper for when Kyah is a older, to show just how divinely and kindly her bottom was kept .

All my scrapbook images are made in mind to be viewing on full screen. I have that option over at gallery at Bare Rumps Website, so head on over and get a bit of morning nappy eye candy on the full screen.

I am LOVING making customs! There will be some custom spots coming up in the next few months that is 100% certain!

I am busy in the studio today and the coffee has just kicked in!!!

Must sew!

Jerry Red.

1 comment:

  1. I find myself sitting here and staring at the nappy again. It is AMAZING and even more than I could have imagined/ hoped for.

    This nappy has so much meaning to it! I must admit, I am getting quite sentimental looking at it's beauty. Knowing that this nappy was designed around the meaning of my daughters name and also for the purpose of being an amazing keepsake for her.

    No words could truly express the gratitude and privellage of such a divine nappy that you have made for us.

    Thank you so much!